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As usual USA Terms. DK and for the new sample I used a 4mm hook
Chain 4, sl st into a circle
Round 1: 2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc, repeat until you have 8 pairs of dc with a chain between. Sl st to complete round
Round 2: Attach yarn in any chain space,  (ch3 as first tr) 
4 tr in each space, .
sl st to complete round.
Round 3: Attach yarn between a set of 4 tr, ch 5, sc into next space
reeat until you have 8 chain loops, sl st to complete round.

Round 4: 2sc, 1 half dc, 2dc, ch1, 2dc, 1half dc, 2sc, (corner), ch1, 2sc, ch1, 2sc, ch1, (side)
repeat until you havecompleted all 4 sides, sl st to finish.
join as you go at the corners and at the 3 side point or just at the corners and the side middle.
Pinned Image 
Ch 4, sl st to complete circle
Round 1: 2dc, 2ch, repeat until you have 6 pairs of dc, sl st to complete round
Round 2: 5tr, in each chain space, repeat until you have 6 groups of 5tr, sl st to complete round.
Round 3: attach yarn between groups of 5tr, ch 6, sc in next space, repeat until you have 6 chain loops, sl st to complete round
Round 4:  2sc, half dc, dc, ch 1, dc, half dc, 2sc, ch 1,
 repeat in each chain loop, sl st to complete round.
Join as you go at the point 
and at the middle side point
Happy Hooking
all caught up with the free patterns for another week..have fun.



I will be catching up this week with all granny squares and flowers.

There are a few variations in blog land, several on which let the last stitch go from the hook, then pick up the begining of the 'petal' and then re pick up the dropped stitch again before doing the chain spacing....why? Not necessary 
NOTE: the bigger the chain space say 3 ch space will give a sharper squarer looking 'petal'
No chain, or 1 chain space will give a rounder more puff like motif as below

Popcorn stitch is often used to form petals in flowers. But it looks very like a pleat with a chain space between
USA Terms in black and UK Terms in red brackets
4mm hook and DK yarn
NOTE: Most popcorns are done with a dc but I use a treble to give a slightly bigger 'popcorn' or 'petal'
Chain 4, sl st into a circle or do a finger wrap of 4 wraps

Round 1: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 11dc [11tr], into circle sl st to complete round
(12dc [12tr])

Round 2: 5tr [5dtr], into the 1st st,
turn the motif over, sl st into the first treble [firsts dtr],

 ch3,  5tr [5dtr], into the next st, turn to the back of the motif, sl st into the ch3 space, pull the yarn through and do 3ch sts as the space.
Repeat until you have a popcorn in each st, then sl st into the top of the first popcorn
Round 3: start in any ch3 sp, 3dc [3tr], 2ch, 3dc [3tr],  (corner), 2sc [2dc], in the next sp, ch1, 2sc [2dc],  in the next sp, 3dc [3tr], 2ch, 3dc [3tr], in the next sp,
 repeat until you have a square, sl st to complete the round.
Round 4; 1dc [1tr], ch2, 1dc [1tr], in each corner sp and 1dc [1tr], in each side stitch.
 Each side should have 13dc [13tr] and 2ch at each corner.
Make the motif to round 2 (flower)
ROUND 3: start in any sp, 3dc [3tr], 2ch, 3dc [3tr], (corner) 3dc [3tr], in next sp, repeat 5 more times (6sides)
sl st to complete round

A Collar Made in Linen Yarn 

The collar motif has a different centre start...

with a finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1:12sc [12dc], into the circle, sl st to complete

Round 2:2dc [2tr] into each st, (24sts)

 then continue with the Popcorns but in every other stitch

This is a slightly less bulky look.
Make 18 popcorn squares and add chain ties

I took this linen yarn on holiday and bought so much yarn while there i had to finish this scarf so i could wear it home...over limit with my yarn purchases...ooops!
Bet you've heard that before?


CROCHET: Granny Square Flower from 2012 updated


Ch 4 or magic circle col. 1
Round 1: ch4 counts as first dc [tr], and ch2 sp, 1dc [1tr], ch2, repeat to end sl st to complete. (8 spokes)

Round 2: att. col.2,  with a sc [dc], sc [dc], in any ch3 sp, ch3, 2sc [2dc], in next sp, ch3, repeat to end sl st, to complete round

Round 3: att. col. 3, in any ch3 sp, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 3dc [3tr], in same sp, ch1, 4dc [4tr], in next ch3 sp, ch1, repeat to end, sl st to complete round. (8 petals x 4dc [4tr])

Note: alternative Round 3: cluster the 4dc [4tr] tog, and ch3 between.

Round 4: att. col. 4 in any ch1 sp, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 2dc [2tr], 3ch, 3dc [3tr], in same sp, [corner], ch2, 2sc [2dc], in next ch1 sp, ch2, [side], repeat to end,
 sl st to complete round. (4 corners, 4 sides)

Round 5: continue in same col. ch2 counts as first dc, 1dc [1tr], in next 2 sts, 1dc [1tr], ch3, 1dc [1tr], in next corner sp, 1dc [1tr], in next 3 sts, 2dc [2tr], in next ch2 sp, 1dc [1tr], in next 2 sts, 2dc [2tr], in next ch2 sp, repeat to end, sl st to complete round. (14dc [14tr] each side)



Will needs a fill in or a staggered join together.
Magic circle 
R1: 16dc into circle sl st to finish.
R2: SC in each st. sl st to finish.
R3: 2dc in first two sts, ch4 repeat 7 more times. sl st to finish.
R4: attach yarn centre of the 4 dc, 9dc in each loop, sl st between the 4 dc, to anchor 'petal', repeat 7 more times, sl st to finish.

Information here


12 WEEKS OF GIFTING: Week 12 Mini shawl/scarf with a flower Pin

Original pattern from 2013, I have made some small changes and making a new one in Turquoise with red strips and might add a new edging stitch, which i will add to this post later in the week so you will have two edge stitch options

This can be made in a day so could be that extra Christmas present you need.

This one has been made in 2 colours of Marble and 2 colours of Life, 
but any 2 colours of chunky yarn could be used

 6mm hook

US Terms and UK Terms in brackets

James C Brett Marble Chunky

Stylecraft Life two strands worked as one

James C Brett Marble chunky in cols: MC 32 granny shell, MC 3 for the single dc stripe or MC 8 if you want a bigger contrast. 

They are very similar but one is slightly darker than the other
I have used this yarn a lot and it comes in a fabulous range of colours and also in DK as well,
if you prefer a slightly lighter weight scarf/mini shawl use the DK Marble and Life single strand

Scarf/mini Shawl in 2 shades of Marble
Ruffle and the centre of the flower in Life

ROUNDS: 1,2, 4,5, 7,8, 10,11, 13,14, 16,17, 19,20, in Col.1 MC32

ROUNDS: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, in Col 2 MC3 or MC8

Using ch3 as the first dc at the beginning of all rounds.

Col 1, Ch5 sl st, into a circle

ROUND 1: 4dc [4tr], ch3, 4dc [4tr] into the circle.

ROUND 2: turn, ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the first stitch, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the point space, 4dc [4tr], in last st, Cut off and weave in ends.

ROUND3: turn col2. 2dc [2tr], in the first st, dc [tr], in the next 6sts, 
dc [tr], ch3, dc [tr], in the point space, dc [tr], in the next 6sts, 2dc [2tr],
 in lst st. Cut and weave in ends

ROUND 4: turn, col 1. 4dc [4tr], in the first st, miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in the next st, miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in the next st, miss 2 sts, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr] in point,  miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in next st, miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr], in next st, miss 2sts, 4dc [4tr] in last st, 

ROUND 5: turn, col1. ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the first st, 3dc [3tr], in each of the side sp, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the point sp, 3dc [3tr], in the next 3sp, 4dc [4tr], in the last st. 
 Cut and weave in ends

ROUND 6: col.2
2dc [2tr], in the first st,
 1dc [1tr], in the next 15sts, 1dc [1tr], ch3, 1dc [1tr], in the point, 
 1dc [1tr], in the next 15sts, 2dc [2tr], in last st. (18 dc in total for each side) cut off yarn and weave in ends.

ROUND 7: turn, col 1. 4dc [4tr], in the first st, miss 2 sts, 3dc [3tr], in the next st, miss 2 sts, 3dc [3tr], in the next st, miss 2 sts....

 repeat until you get to the point, in the point space do 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr],
 repeat the miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr] in the next st until you get to the last st, 
4dc [4tr].

ROUND 8: turn ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the first st, 3dc [3tr], in the next 6 sp, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], in the point sp, 3dc [3tr], in the next 6 sp, 4dc [4tr],  between the last st. 

REPEAT: The 3 round pattern, 1 round of dc [tr], col2, 2 rounds of granny shells in col 1,
 until you have 21 rounds

3dc [3tr], in each st along sides of triangle, 
with 5dc [5tr], in the longer sts, 3dc [3tr], in the shorter sts,(the top edge),
 sl st to finish, weave in ends.


Ch5, sl st into a circle, 
ROUND 1: 18sc [18dc], into the circle, sl st to complete round,

ROUND 2: 20 loose sc [dc], over the top of the first round, sl st to complete round.

ROUND 3: ch3, 1tr [1dtr], in the first st, 2tr [2dtr], in the next 2sts, 1tr [1dtr], ch3 and sl st into the 4th st,
sl st into the next st and repeat for each petal, sl st to complete round.

Stitch a safety pin to the back of the flower.

 With a flower pin to hold it around your neck..
 made in James C Brett marble Chunky in two colours

Just 21 rounds plus a round of ruffles and it took me from late afternoon until just after midnight to make

I'm using Wendy Carnival in a red and turquoise shade for the new version and will the new edging stitch for the second mini shawl soon



New/Old 12 petal fllower

Remember this 12 petal flower from 2009?....

........a 2015 version, one in Wendy Silk/Cotton and one in Aztec Alpaca
Loremar Yarns here

The old version was in Two strands of Acrylic

One finger wrap of 4 wraps.
Round 1: in yellow, Ch3 counts as first dc and ch1 sp, 1dc, ch1 repeat until there are 12dc and 12 sp. (12dc)

Round 2:in petal colour, ch2, 2dc, ch2 sl St into first sp, sl st, into next  sp, ch2, 2dc, ch2, sl St into same St, sl St into next St, repeat for 12 petals. Sl St to complete. (12petals)




A colourful motif for lots of projects

US Terms in black UK Terms in red brackets

DK 4mm hook
Aran 5mm hook 5.5" 

Ch 8 and sl st into a circle or a two finger 4wraps circle.
NOTE: A finger wrap gives a cleaner finished, no knot showing....wrapped 4 times around 2 fingers should give the correct size for 24dc [24tr].

Round 1:ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 23dc [23tr], into the circle keeping a large hole in the centre if you use the finger wrap, sl st to complete round. 
(24dc [24tr])

Round 2: ch2 counts as fisrt dc [tr], 1dc [1tr], in first st, 2dc [2tr], in second st, miss a st and repeat 2dc [2tr], in next 2sts, miss a st, until you have 8 'petals' sl st to finish round. (8'petals')

missed st, every 3rd st, picture below 

 Round 3: Long stitch, more often known as Spike stitch today.
sc [dc], Spike st, into the 1st empty st of round 1,

spike stitch, also know as Long stitch is a long loose sc [dc] st. 

 ch 4, spike st into the next empty st, repeat until round complete, sl into first st to finish.

Round 4: continue in the same colour, sl into chain space,
3dc [3tr], ch 3, 3dc [3tr], in the first ch sp, ch1, 2sc [2dc], ch1, 2sc [2dc], in the next space ch1, repeat until round is complete and now  square.
(4 Corners, 4 sides)

Round 5: Start in a corner sp, 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr],  3dc [3tr], in next 3 side spaces, repeat until round complete, finish with sl st to complete.

Use join as you go on round 5.

for Cushions

 Square Stool Cover
 Chair seat cover

great as a blanket too...



Flower Scarf 

the centre of the flower is the same pattern as used in the
link to pattern here

Use the first 3 rounds OF LINK ABOVE 
Pictures only on this post for first 3 rounds

to make the centre then add the petals below

Round 4: Att. petal col. sc [dc], in a st, between a pair of sts, ch3, sc [dc], miss a st, sc [dc], in next st, ch7, sc [dc],in same st, ch3, miss a st, sc [dc], in next st, ch3, miss a st, sc [dc], ch7, sc [dc], in same st, repeat to end, finish with ch3, sl st to complete. (6 x ch7 loops, 12 x ch3 loops)

Round 5: cont. in same col. 6dc [6tr], ch3, 6dc [6tr], into ch7 loop, sl st into the next sc [dc], of row below, repeat for all petals.

join as you go using the 2nd ch st, at each point as a sl st, into the motif before.

Make a row as long as you require
join many together to make a wrap or large scarf.

If making a wrap join a row of flowers as for the scarf then the second row wold be staggered and joined from one floor to the next


An old pattern from 2012 remade in cotton and a box added too..

A double Anemone in the box below

The old picture slightly dark and made in wool/mix. 
I've remade and doing the new pattern in Cottons

Anemone Pattern
Black for centres white band, and several shades of purples Cotton DK.
4mm hook
UK Terms in red

Magic circle in black or a very dark purple work too or even navy blue.

Round 1: continue in black, ch2 counts as first dc, [tr), 11dc [11tr] into circle sl st, to complete 
(12dc, [12r])

Round 2: Attach white in any st, 2sc (2dc) in every st, sl st to complete 
(24sc [24dc])

Round 3: attach purple shade in any st, 5dc (5tr) in next st, sl st into next 2sts, 5dc, (5tr) into next st repeat to end finish with a last sl st, cut and weave in end to complete. (8 petals)

Stop here and this flower can be used as decoration on lots of projects, add a pin and it can be worn as a courage flower or a hat pin.

but to make a box that can be joined together as a wrap throw or cover continue with the box pattern.

Round 4: Attach soft green shade in the middle (3rd dc [tr] in the shell of 5dc [5tr])
ch4, sc [dc], into 3rd dc [tr) on next petal, ch7, sc [dc], into 3rd dc [tr] of next petal, repeat for next 3 sides, sl st into first st, do not cut off but continue....

Round 5: continue in the soft green, 5sc [5dc], into first ch4 sp, 5sc [5dc], ch3 5sc [5dc], into next ch7 sp, repeat for all sides, (15sc [15dc] each side), sl st into first st, do not cut off continue...

Round 6: ch3, counts as first dc [tr] and ch1 sp, miss next st, dc [tr] in next st, ch1, miss next st, repeat to end of first side, 1dc [1tr], ch3, 1dc [1tr], in the ch3 corner sp, miss first st of next side, 1dc [1tr], into next st, ch1 miss a st, repeat to end of 2nd side, 1dc [1tr], 3ch, 1dc [1tr], in the next corner sp, miss next st, repeat sides and corners to end, sl st into first st, continue....

Round 7: ch1 counts as first sc [dc], sc [dc], in next ch1 sp, sc [dc], in next st (top of dc [tr]), continue to do a sc [dc], in every ch1 sp and every st, with 1sc [1dc], ch3, 1sc [1dc], in every corner sp, sl st to complete. Cut off and weave in end. (19sc [19dc] each side)

Make as many as your project requires and sew the squares together from the back with matching soft green yarn.


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