Sunday, 3 July 2011

A Few Unfinished Crochet Projects.....OOOPS

And l still can't find the almost made ripple blanket...
and it is big but l've no idea where l've put it
made to fit a king size bed and l know it was about 3/4 made
did find a couple of bags with a few half made projects in...l must finish soon though....
lots and lots of flowers lol
and...a rug and more granny square flowers...
and an African flower throw tht was for NooNoo...
and another African Flower throw to go with the cushion..
and several sample pieces l never took any further...
and lots of cushion squares, scarves and flower throws
the very first project l tried just over 2years ago when l started crochet again after years of no hooky
and then a trip to the local wool shop and l played some more..
free form and hyperbolic crochet..must go back to that one for sure

How much fun do you get from a little hook, lots of colour and a ball of wool?
Looking back to July 30th 2010 seems the flowers l'm using for the swing seat are the same flowers l started and never finished for the gazebo cushion, another unfinished project...
l will finish it this year, promise

Forgot to say the VINTAGE SCISSORS  from DAO GRAPHICS arrived on Saturday
need to mark out the space and get them on the wall,
 so keep an eyes open, some time this week they will adorn the craft room wall

Peace and tranquillity reigned all this hot, hot, day......
no sunbathing today just under the canopy in the shade
and a shared Chinese for dinner tonight

Hugs To all
a beautiful evening,  still 28degrees in the craft room at 6.25


  1. much lovely stuff......!!!!!!


  2. Suz, you are so prolific! I'm in awe. I did buy a fun thing with crochet in mind.. I got a cute little vintage stool and I want to crochet a colorful circular topper for it. It's turquoise!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Phew... I'm glad not to be the only one... But, I still love all your color.

  4. Glad it's not just me that has loads of WiP's!!

    Love the African flowers, is there a pattern for that you can share?

    S x

  5. I just love your color schemes, especially on that hexagon blanket for no no. Susan from Michigan

  6. Thanks or two half made's to keep me going hey? lol
    Shop Twigglet?..been there done that one hehe
    Thanks Marjo
    Teresa..good luck with the stool..can't wait to see it is good to hear we aren't alone hey? lol
    African flower pattern Sarah...Google it should find you a few but l'll look and do a link asap
    Hugs to all

  7. Oh Suz, I love your unfinished projects.
    Especially the African flower throw to go with the cushion. I adore the colours you used.

    The other African flower throw that was for NooNoo is also gorgeous. Please finish them a.s.a.p. so I can admire them ;-)

    Groetjes, Monique

  8. I`m sure there`s a Freudian explanation of why you`ve so many unfinished`s in your pile but can`t think of it at the moment!lol Whatever the explanation, an absolute riot of colour is very pleasing to the eye. Well done, Suz.

  9. Love all the unfinished works of art!

    Felicitycot (ravelry)

  10. Beautiful! I'm wondering, do you perheps have the pattern for those chunky looking flowers in the second picture from the top? I think they look amazing <3

  11. Hi Suz, I'm a "Suz" too. This may seem like a very odd comment but I stumbled on your blog by accident as I was searching for a store called "Unfinished Creations." I'm seeing all your amazing work and possibly (?) picking up a sense of overwhelmedness on your part at the increased amount of your unfinished projects. I can relate. I have a wild suggestion that I just want to put out there. I'm part of a group that gets together to do yarnbombing in our sweet little town of Yellow Springs, OH. I'll send you a link to see some of our work. Your knitted flowers would be perfect for our on-going project (which is often delayed by weather, summer schedules, life, etc.)

    I can send you more info in an e-mail if you would like. We would love the flower contributions but it's also something you might want to start in your neighborhood. Various town officials respond differently to yarnbombing. ;-)
    There are lots of blogs and books about it and I'm happy to direct you to some sites. I was just thinking it might be a solution to when you are feeling like you are buried in ...well...loose ends.

    Feel free to contact me at my blog:

    Thanks and love your blog!