Sunday, 3 July 2011

Crochet Garden Swing/bed progress and Teeny Tiny Pompoms

Day in the garden yesterday with lots of sun, flowers and triangles...
almost completed the two long sides of the bed cushion triangle/flowers
really want to crochet them all together but think to be safe l will wait until it arrives to do a proper measurement
measure twice cut once don't they say?
 two halves..may be too blue might need to play some more

Tried the 1" and 3/4" pompom maker l had for my birthday..they really are teeny tiny pompoms lol
and l can't see much of a difference between the two can you?
Bit fiddly too, but it does work as easily as the bigger one, it's just that 4minutes work for something so tiny?....mmmmm yet to be convinced lol

By adding the curtains to the gazebo it has made a really snug sheltered place to sit in all this sun we are having. I went out to buy the proper curtains, but you can't buy them separately.....mmmmmm!

I put my thinking cap on and bingo!
Shower curtains?....and you wouldn't know either, tied up 'cos Splodge likes to dive at them, don't want them ripped before they've been up 5minutes do l? lol
They work a treat.....waterproof, come in lots of different designs and relatively cheap these plain ivory ones to match the top were...
£5.99 per curtain and 4 packs of hooks @ 99p a packet
I bet l would have paid a lot more if l'd found the real gazebo curtains?

sitting here on the craftroom sofa....sun shining, birds singing and a light breeze wafting the smell of the lilies in through the door
    Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.

Have a super Sunday everyone
hugs to all x


  1. Those triangles and flowers look like rows of sunny medals ready to be pinned to a chest.
    xXx Helen

  2. What a great idea with the shower curtains.
    A x

  3. Just beautiful! You're so creative...and I love the "thought" at the end of today's post! :)

  4. Oh your tiny bunting and flowers and poms...all so lovely! And I LOVE your gazebo with the shower curtains. How clever you are!!!!

  5. Shower curtains - brilliant!! Only you could have thought of that one Suz. I love the little crochet flowers etc - will love to see the finished item but yes - grandma always told us to measure twice cut once!! lol