Friday, 15 July 2011

Last minute girl l much to do

Status Quo outdoor show tonight.....with friends Alison and Dave same couple we went on holiday with earlier this year and doing the special 60th birthday holiday holiday next year..great friends
They are stopping the night, so of course the curtains that need shortening for their bedroom, 
still need shortening.....will l ever change?.... always last minute l am

I like work. It fascinates me. I sit and look at it for hours. ~ Anonymous
hehehe...and sewing always seem like work  these days
Thanks for the tip much easier to shorten curtains from the top

We are all looking forward to the show, curry at the local pub first,
 then off to queue hoping to get a good place...taking a nibble or two and a few bottles..
Fireworks to finish off so fingers crossed 
the rain hold off until tomorrow.....sunny at the moment

We are all planning on going on the 
12/13th August the link for a little bit of FS history and info
Moved a few pots around and potted a couple of Hostas, one of my favourites, that weren't doing too well...too much sun l'm afraid
the one that was in a pot and shaded for part of the day as you can see is thriving

Managed a couple more rounds to the blended giant granny square yesterday, almost big cushion size now
before falling asleep on the swing..Splodge thought l'd slept enough and woke me up yet again
love him to bits but he keeps waking me up at night and usually only to see him eat dry food that is already frustrating and tiring too!

Have a fabulous  Friday everyone
hugs to all x


  1. Really glad to be a help :-)
    A x

  2. Hey Suz, back in time with the music of Status Quo, have a nice evening, enjoy ....!!
    Lovely weekend, bye, bye, Truus.

  3. Suz ...we saw Status Quo about six months ago when they came to Australia - it was a fantastic concert. Being indoors though, it was LOUD and they were handing out earplugs - I was lucky to get a pair. Have a great time, sounds like fun with the fireworks as an added bonus!

  4. I wish I couls take a nap on that swing, so cozy. Have a great day Suz,

  5. Who doesn't love a hosta. Here at least they are pretty easy to maintian. I'm liken' the blend. Have a sweet relaxing weekend.

  6. that's going to be a nice cushion! I really like the center :)

  7. Aren't old friends just the best? Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time with them. Hostas must be a connection for us all, I know Kate has some amazing ones, and I have several too. They're so dependable!! Hugs, Teresa

  8. Sounds like lovely times with friends. And your cushion is turning out beautifully. Our Jingles used to wake us up in the night for food, but hubby went out and got one of those automatic food dispensers so now she only wakes us up when she decides to have a wild and crazy moment of running around playing floor hockey with something she found. :/ Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy