Tuesday, 19 July 2011


The Status Quo show was wonderful...good company, loud music and a drink or two made for a memorable evening... 
We parked ourselves under a big tree so the teeny tiny rainfall, that made an appearance really didn't bother us too much
A good few people had one or two too many..quite amusing to watch as the evening progressed
Dave at the end ended up with a young guy in his lap and a broken chair
Good job it was one of the new chairs that aren't very comfortable lol and is now in the bin
Thanks for forwarding this picture Alison...a good picture of us all, almost..... shame you weren't in it too!

Other thoughts made it memorable too and l don't think l will be attending a rock concert again

The whole evening made me think, rather more than l care to think these days, about the state of my health and fitness

There were far too many people just about walking around, who were, l think l said, 
'In need of ironing and about to burst at the seams', it wasn't a comfortable feeling to be in that group and the whole evening brought a few things home to me

We laughed a lot about how we felt but l'm afraid it has left me feeling a little grumpy

Giant Granny progress..
Still playing a bit of Hooky but doing other stuff as well, 

Sorry l'm having a grumpy old woman moment..lasting a bit longer than allowed..lol

Thanks Status Quo..for a great evening !
Have a fun week 
hugs to all x


  1. How does it happen that suddenly all the people our age are so old?

    We can't stop the outward aging but we can decide how we will act. My very active 91 year old mother says "No one has to ACT old." Keeping active, having a positive outlook and a passion for our interests keeps us feeling young.

    You obviously have a variety of interests and generously share and inspire us all with your talents.


  2. Thanks JB...I don't often feel like this and may be l've shared something that should have stayed in my own head lol...the act of writing it down has certainly helped though and l really don't feel as bad as l did..time is a great healer!..as they say
    A few days of wallowing in my own self pity always does the trick, like a kick up the bum!
    Thanks for the support all l needed was a moan l think hehe
    hugs x..may be this post should be our secret and l'll delete it right now...sssh x

  3. Age is a matter of mind. If you don't mind it doesn't matter. Only the lucky ones get there Suz. Keep smiling.
    A x

  4. Moan away Suz - if it helps you put things in perspective, we don't mind. We must get together for coffee, cake and a giggle. Will chat to Annie and see if we can sort something out. x Jo

  5. Suz, I could so relate to how you felt at the rock concert. When I was 19 I helped put on 2 rock festivals in one summer.. not long after that I was backstage at a Country Joe & the Fish concert in Seattle - and it occurred to me that I'd "been there, done that" and was ready to settle down and get married.. so I did! And I was only 19 - you're doing great to still be rocking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I'm hearing you Suz.
    One of my sons surprised me with a ticket to an Elton John concert.
    In an outdoor setting, I was appalled by the drunken behavior, the noise and general lack of respect.
    I was glued to Elton and loved every minute f every song.
    It was not the correct choice of venue.
    I won't attend another outdoor concert.
    I am a festival organizer !!

  7. Thanks all...what dd l do before l had my blogger friends and a hook to play with ? lol
    All sorted now and back on track
    HUGS to all xx

  8. Glad to see you back - I'd noticed you'd gone a bit quiet! I'm rather a grumpy old cynic myself these days - sometimes the thought my my age just catches up with me, but the I remind myself that I have a 1 year old daughter, so I can't be that old!

    Thanks for the info on the yarn and the tip on commenting - certainly having more luck with comments now!