Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wall Art Vintage Scissors are up in My Craft Room

Was a little nervous about sticking them to the wall but followed the instructions and they went on easily...peel off the backing place on the wall and smooth on with a credit card or similar...then peel off the holding paper
bit like the old Letraset, or any peel off stickers really
Only problem is, l'm a bit of a balanced sort of girl, and l need two more pairs to hang the other side of the biggest pair
Thanks Damien.....DAO GRAPHICS.....l'll be in touch soon
really really pleased with the wall art....if you want a pair of scissors or anything else to adorn a wall
contact Damien link above.....l'm sure he will help

 what a lot of black cats there seems to be in this craft room

You ight notice l found the unfinished Ripple too..looking for something else yesterday and there it was
hiding in a big box in a lower cupboard
Plenty big enough for the new swing seat too...
Doesn't it go well with the baby blanket l made too...mmmmm!...do l need to make another?

Bit worn out today...6 miles on the bike, lots of laughter, a Zumba class last night and finished off with far 
too much yummy Pimms last night...2 whole glasses!...shock horror hehe
l don't drink much so one would have been more than enough really, but it tasted so nice...

Hugs to all x


  1. Oh yes, very very nice!!
    I love Zumba, been going for a few weeks now.

  2. The little scissors look great Suz.

  3. Love the wall art!! But mostly I absolutely love the pastel prettiness of all the crochet in your studio lounge. Just beautiful.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Love pimms - just says 'summer' to me.
    Georgeous craft room- am verrrrry envious. Love those scissors. I agree, 2 more would balance things up, but they look just fab as they are.
    Am suffering from serious crochet-envy too.

  5. gorgeous work, esp. the ripple with flowers in pastel colors. thanks for posting the link for the pimms recipe... have never heard of it, but it sounds wonderful. will have to try, along with your beautiful projects...

  6. Suz, I love the crochet goodness in your craft room. The black cats are a bonus! Happy Tuesday,

  7. These are perfect and just the right touch. But, then you know that as you have the eye. I love that they are black too.... Make all the colors of the room just pop....

  8. Love the vintage scissor wall art that you've got there Suz!! The pastels on the couch would stir up crochet envy in anyone and I'm no exception. Wow! and Wow~!

    Hugs XX

  9. Wow, that's one lovely craft room!
    It's so happy and looks so comfy! Definately jealous and YES I would love some PIMMS! :D

  10. By the way I'm following now and noticed I'm your 500th follower!

  11. looks great Suz. Such pretty colours too.