Friday, 22 July 2016

STYLECRAFT BATIK...Blog Stars team

There are a number of Stone washed yarns around but Stylecraft Batik is different because it has a wool content instead of being a cotton yarn.

I presume it's created in a similar way as you create Batik fabrics hence the name.....must ask and let you know

It's a very springy yarn that fills the space well and looks very textural, I just love the effect you get from this yarn.

It makes up in several motifs from mini exotics....not made any of these for a while

to Mandalas

to granny squares 

or triangles and flowers

in 16 fabulous colours 

50g balls at just £2.10 a ball 

so many different options to play with...

LOTS more to come...

Did i say I LOVE THIS YARN! 

Some LOVELY ideas appearing from the BLOGSTARS team too
check them out see what they are all making


  1. These are lovely. I completely missed the fact that you are in Shropshire. So am I. And I have your Granny Squares book too! I love your designs. The Cushion is beautiful and the Batik yarn looks stunning. I run a local craft group where women of all ages and abilities gather and share their crocht and knitting skills. ThanK you for ispiring us through your blog and books. Xx

    1. Hi Jackie, are you in Telford? i would love to visit your group one day if you let me know where and when? Cant find an e mail to send this so hope you return and see the message, x

    2. Hi Susan. I am in Kemberton between Telford and Shifnal. I hold my craft group on the first Saturday of the month. We are meeting this Saturday, which may be too short notice for you. Our next meeting after this would be 3rd September. Would you be available to attend then? It would be fantastic to have you come along x

    3. Hi Jackie, i do a workshop every other Saturday and both this Saturday and September 3rd fall on a workshop day ..They are from 10 until 1, you don't say what time your group meets? xx

  2. We meet between 10.30 and 12.30 the first Saturday of the month. Where do you do your workshops?

    1. Hi Jackie, no takes at the mo, for the next workshop so i might be free on SEPT. 3 My workshops are at The Craftroom Shrewsbury

    2. Hi Susan. I have sent you a message on FB. Have had a busy last 2 weeks getting my eldest ready for uni and had not picked up your above response. Apologies if it is too short notice for you. We next meet on the 1st October.

    3. Hi Jackie, found it eventually lol..send a reply so might cya on the 1st xx