Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I love all the crochet, but do find myself alone with a hook and a ball of wool for days on end.

 So I've decided maybe I need TO GET OUT armed with my Bus pass and a timetable I'm hoping to visit one or two Shropshire towns/attractions this summer. It's a county full of history and interesting places to visit


I live in Shrewsbury the county town of Shropshire and to be honest spoilt for choice without leaving the town itself......

But I could get any where in Shropshire, there and back in a day, using my buss pass or the car if it's more remote..

SHREWSBURYThe medieval county town of Shrewsbury has many regular attractions.  We have a Castle with the Shropshire Regimental Museum, a Museum/ Art Gallery, a Theatre, an Abby and the historic Market Square click the link to see all the historic pictures along side how it looks today the actual Old Market Hall is now a cinema and cafe and there are 2 regular markets held in the square, Made in Shropshire and The Farmers Market 

Then we have a fabulous 29 acre parkland Quarry Park, that hosts lots of festivals and shows. We've just been to the Food Festival in the Quarry, a really tasty show bringing together all the fantastic food related businesses in Shropshire. Another awesome show is The International Award Winning Flower show  a must for gardeners.

All year round the Quarry has the Dingle as its centre piece created by the famous gardner Percy thrower. The River severn runs along side the Quarry with regular boat trips on the Sabrina
Shropshire's county town is almost completely surrounded by the longest river in the UK the River Severn and we have a fabulous fun River festival in June.  And people travel many miles to try the 2nd highest tidal Severn Bore.

A wonderful indoor Market Hall, with some very upmarket stalls too....I've just been told about a new wool shop  Ewe and Ply on the Gallery level.

Another couple of new wool shops i must check out are,  Coco Alpacas in Church Stretton that opened last year and another new shop in Whitchurch I haven't seen yet, Shropshire Knitting and Sewing Boutique 

Not exactly connected to Shropshire but I came across The Wool Boat  a travelling canal boat, wool shop and they seem to pass through Shropshire on their canal journeys.

We have our own Shropshire Sheep, and yarn. Alderton Farm has a flock of Shropshire Sheep and it's only 16 miles away, unfortunately as a small producer this Shropshire wool won't be available until the new year.

A very Famous Poems have been written about Shropshire. The Shropshire Lad  link here to the Houseman Society 

 Famous people from Shropshire 

LOCAL RADIO: Radio Shropshire about half a mile from my home is an awesome source of local info, events, places to visit and generally keep you in touch with all that is happening in Shropshire. 

Land of Lost Content in Craven Arms, is just one of those places I heard about on Radio Shropshire that I will be visiting soon, sounds fascinating and full of memories

There you go..... just as I am writing this, Radio Shropshire tells me there is an Arriva App that will connect to my phone find out where I am and give me the required info about the buses i brilliant is that?

And i'm sure I saw something about Shropshire not being promoted enough to tourists.
SHROPSHIRE STAR ARTICLE need to do something about this.

I could get to any part of Shropshire and back in a day and as I'm a total addict to crochet and wool, I'm sure it will include lots of the woolly stuff.

This Awesome County has lots to see and do....

Sitting in the sunshine and watching the 40th Birthday party on Saturday, in Shrewsbury Market Square, was a very traditional and entertaining day with the Shrewsbury Morris  a great team of dancers made me think about my reclusive life style?

I had a wonderful day out, an afternoon of free entertainment and a little shopping in my favourite dress shop, well you've just got to look see if there is anything new and exciting haven't you? 


Another site I think will be very useful SHREWSBURY WEATHER


  1. Beautifulpictures,congratulations

  2. Beautiful! How I wish I could crochet FASTER! I'm so slow, sometimes I get discouraged. But you - and a couple other designers inspire so much that I cannot help but pick up the old hooks and get to it.

    By the way, Curiosity got the best of me and I followed your links for Shrewsbury/Shropshire sites....and now I really want to go and see that part of England! In England last year for first time...Lyme Regis and London...and have to go I yearn to go and drive through much more of the English countryside...and your area is so deeply steeped in history - I just need to hit the Lottery so I can afford!
    Thank you for all you do - for all you inspire and for your lovely patterns!

    1. Hi, thanks its good to hear you found the links of interest and I do hope one day you manage to get back and visit us in SHROPSHIRE, be surety let me know and pop in for a cuppa, it would be great to chat. THANKS X

  3. Love Shropshire. Visited Shrewsbury a couple of months ago. Not been for a while.Love the parkland and the Dingle. Once was in St. Chad's late afternoon and the sun was streaming through the stained glass windows.Such a beautiful circular building. (the coach always parks there) Would love to visit some other places around there but I don't drive . Still I'm happy to revisit Shrewsbury.

    1. HI Caz, thats really good to hear, it's a beautiful county and a wonderful County town....shout next time you visit and i will meet you for a coffee some where. Yes St Chad's is beautiful....Look forward to a chat one day x

  4. Hi i love your mandalas are you going to be doing a pattern for them

    1. Hi Janet, yes at some point just trying to sort all my patterns at the many it might take me a while lol x