Monday, 25 July 2016

The girls and boys from RUNNING STITCHES.

If you follow my blog you will already know that Anne Purdham an on line friend on Facebook and who runs the Facebook group RUNNING STITCHES asked if she could use one of my flower patterns, she had made and wore a flower bra in the race and was on the cover of a local newspaper last year, with a fabulous picture. 

I told her the pattern and all rights was hers and the groups to use in what ever way they could to raise a few extra pounds for the race, some donated and bought a copy of the pattern and made their own flower bras, some bought the pattern and made pairs of flowers for those who didn't crochet and sold them......

But didn't they do well? I hope Stylecraft yarns will give them some publicity too as Stylecraft yarns were used for most of the flowers.....perfect yarn for that flowery bra don't you think?

I donated a the flower pattern to this group of girls and some boys called Running Stitches a few months ago, so they could sell the pattern and make the flowers to wear in the KIRSTE 5 MEMORIAL year we have a new idea for the watch this space!

The Kirste 5 race was yesterday and what a fabulous day they all have the sun shone and all the girls and boys and children and even a a dog or two raced, one call Benji wore his crochet Flowers with pride....the pattern and making of the Kirste 5 Flower raised a extra pound for the Charity......not exactly sure yet how much but i will add this figure when we know.

Some of the fantastic pictures I already have to share with you, what a line up girls...

Anne is number 33 crossing the finish line with her friend and I believe shaved a couple of minutes off her usual time..well done Anne

Even super woman Amanda Stevens was there complete with her flowers bra and head band

Benji ran too with his flower......he donated generously and and loved the race

 sorry girls don't have all your names yet but you all deserve a gold medal

we mustn't for get the running impressed with you all well done and i promise to be there next year to cheer you all on.

 I think there was around 30 members of the group who took part complete with their flower bras.

this is Graham, Annes hubby, even he was game enough to wear Annes old flower bra from the yer before, she insists he was happy about it hehehe...well done Graham
I don't have all the names but i will add them as soon as i do and I'm sure there is going to be lots more pictures to come..some official ones too thanks to all, so pleased i could play a teeny tiny part in raising some extra pennies for this Fabulous cancer charity KIRSTE 5 MEMORIAL RACE

A piece about the Kirste 5 Memorial Race HERE from the ECHO Newspaper


  1. Oh what a fabulous idea! Bless you for your support. xoxox

    1. Thanks Angela, i some how have agreed to race next year...oops! lol
      Loving the info you are sharing in the bolsters group very interesting xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Annamaria, I think you all enjoyed the making and the running some happy faces anyway xx