Wednesday 27 July 2016

FANS POST:Lots of blankets being made

has made a blanket from my Noo Noo camper blanket and is just moving on to a second 

Geraldine made several projects from book 1
love these with the long strap..fab idea

Susan has made a stool cover and the storage pot cover too

and a bath mat too..someone has been busy

Judy has made a cushion of the camper blanket motif..

Elise made a blanket too

A Google find so sorry not sure who it is but love the Camper Blanket and the coaster from book 1

made in stone washed yarn

There was a Flower coaster too but mixed in with other pictures..well done who ever you are


  1. I have just ordered the Granny Squares and Shapes book and look forward to working my way through it.

    1. Hi Pam, hope you love it and make lots..more for the fans post please? xx

  2. Thanks for the idea for a new way to contain my long hair in our record length of days above 90 degrees (F)!! My hair has gotten so long the usual hair picks and twists just won't contain it. I can whip up several of these tonight.

    1. Hi christine, have fun i will look forward to seeing them in your hair? xx