Friday, 14 July 2017

CHRISTMAS ROSE...sorry i know its months away but!

This is going to be a  freebie motif for you all...

I have just done 4 designs for 
to pick one, they picked the one i thought was most suitable for the Christmas projects, leaving 3 for me to use freely.

 A number of Designers are working on small projects for a Christmas issue. 
I know that you will all be groaning, lol......but these things have to be done early for Magazines.

I have also designed a fab 6 foot Wrap for Simply Crochet, in Scheepjes Secret Garden 
coming soon, i will let you know what issue it will be in asap.

So this Freebie is one of the 4 designs and i haven't done a new free pattern for you for a bit so here it is..

Christmas Rose, can be made in Aran for a bigger chunkier look or dk for the more 
delicate feel.

In  4 colours if you do them all the same as the pictures shown,
 but could  be made with every Christmas Rose [round 2] in a different colour
Still making samples and playing with the pattern but it will be a freebie soon.
Have fun x


  1. Wow !!! Another gorgeous design.Thanks Sue for your never ending kindness and generosity Xx

  2. So lovely! I'm looking forward to it! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful designs with us.

  3. You have SUch a big heart Sue.Beautiful designs as always.Thank You.x

    1. Thanks, love to share and see what you'll make have fun xxx

  4. Hi Sue - as always beautiful work - but I didn't find the pattern - am I looking at it and just can't see it. Beautiful flower motifs!
    Thanks Gail

    1. Hi it does say, to come, pattern not written yet still playing with the colours etc coming soon xxx

  5. what is the difference between both books

    1. Hi unknown? what books? My books 20 different patterns in each! xx