Thursday, 13 July 2017

Camper Coat, Magic Balls and the 15Minute Rule...

The Camper Coat has grown but not a fast as it should have...3 rows of squares and about half way across the coat at the minute.

Thanks Chris for starting me off with the sort out,  promise I am using the 15minute rule and doing a little every day but its a huge job and not going as fast as it did while you were here, thats for sure, lol. 
Every box i open i find something interesting that hasn't been complete....just so many projects i want to do and not enough hours in the day so again, its back to the 15minute rule and some more Magic Balls too. HERE to see the original post 

Lots of ends of balls to play with thats for sure...
All sorts of uses for these when you crochet especially when you do motifs and use lots ofsxall quantities to make motifs

I'm using lots in the camper coat only a couple of metres if that in each centre circle in a rainbow of colours

the grey version is using US Terms dc but the black and white tweedy look i settled on was slightly more open and i used US tr.

 join as you go in the spaces only
 a little bit quicker than joining every st.

Definitely more effort needed though to complete this Ruana/Kimono/Jacket for next winter, can you believe we are well into July already? 

and for this wearable item I'm making it sleeveless a bit like a Celtic Ruana, i've been wearing a woven black and oatmeal checked one all last winter and love it.

Simple, wide enough not to need a sleeve and goes over everything  a Ruana really should be open at the sides but mine is going to be stitched up so I suppose it could be a sort of Kimono Style, possibly.

 All those unfinished project I have?
Could 'The 15 Minute Rule'
see a project or two finished in a year?...YES, I think it could.

 Using 'The 15 Minute Rule' complete as many unfinished projects as possible in 2016

I'm sure you all have unfinished projects lurking somewhere and would like to see them completed?
By doing just 15minutes a day on a project we could all see a few finished?


  1. Those jars do look a little fuller😀 Thanks for the having another go at joining this afternoon xx

  2. So you have to tell us - what is the 15 minute rule??

    1. Hi Jenny, oops! for got to add the details of the 15minute rule..sorry its there now xx

  3. I have a book called 'A secret birthday present for Elizabeth' by Lilly Mosheim published in 1961 where a little girl gets a ball of wool for her birthday and as she knits a blanket for her doll little presents fall out of the ball. It is not a magic ball in your sense, as it has only one colour of yarn, but it is similar to some of the web links you gave, and is quite a charming story!

    Do you limit the length of each colour in your magic balls?

    1. Hi Jenny, i have heard of magic balls with presents in huge balls of wool they are too lol...lovley story. I found for me 2/3g of wool was about the best length but i did go up to 4/5g for some and i mixed it with sock wool that had a dark to light colour change too to add more interest. Hope that helps? xxx