Friday 28 July 2017

RULE OF 12 SCRAP YARN MINI CAL: Yarn and colour options

Just a few pictures and yarn notes today to show you.
Rule of 12 Mini Cal....the perfect flat circle 12, 24, 36dc.

PART 3 below and PARTS 4 AND 5 NEXT WEEK. 


As a wrap with a black and grey joining yarn......4 blocks of 9 motifs made.
 Two blocks more, to make it over 6' long its going to be a colourful snuggly wrap for the Winter.

UPDATE: Actually, I found  5 blocks of 9 motifs was perfect for a wrap and just over 6' long so I  saved myself a little bit of crochet time

And the first pictures of the blanket option I have made...these pictures are of the half way mark 

The Tweed yarn I am using I think is the Hayfields Aran, it was 400g ball, I had from 
Black Sheep Wools, unfortunately i cant find it on the web site and i've lost the label so not sure, its a scrap yarn project so be inventive.

Black/grey Tweed yarns: Hayfields Aran Tweed, Woodcraft Aran [this is quite a dark one], James C Brett, Marble too in the black and grey would work and Scheepjes Secret Garden in col. 710 Stepping Stones.
So lots of black and white black and grey yarns for the back ground to pick from.

or mix your own with 2strands of a thinner dk.
Just work the two strands together to make one tweed yarn
Black and grey [softer] or black and white [slightly more dramatic], both work well.
3 options to try

 this picture is of the yarn i am actually using you can see its 6 fine strands, black and pale grey twisted together in pairs and then plied into one Aran weight yarn

Use your favourite shade of grey, charcoal or black as a single colour and as you can see the pattern works well with the lighter natural shades too of beige, parchment or oatmeal.

Have fun and use your favourite back ground colour and as its a scrap blanket, what ever you have enough of in your stash 

Try a strand of each acrylic/merino, 2 strands of wool/acrylic, 2 strand of merino, or cotton, alpaca or mohair, mix it up for interest. 
What ever your decide to try, be experimental and enjoy the pattern 

A Wrap Option x 6 blocks over 6' long, all the reds and oranges first then came the purples...

Next will be the greens..and then the blues and orange/oatmeal and the yellows the other side of the reds for my wrap .

A Blanket option with a light background joining colour and coloured banded circles, just for a change!

 Splodge getting in on the act...

I have two of each colour this is half of them.......quick to join together 


  1. Thank you Sue , helps a lot when knowing what to do with odd yarns x

    1. Hi Denise, any granny square or shape is good for left overs don't you think? Have fun xx

  2. LOVELY! Reminiscent of Sophie Digard's crochet work! That's a good thing!

    1. Hi Ellen, wow! what a compliment that is, m a huge admirer of Sophies' work a larger version maybe her work it made up of really tiny pieces beyond my and y eyes these days, but thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment xxx

  3. trés beau travail de trés belles réalisations des couleurs sympa j' aime beaucoup félicitations

    1. Hi Dane...Merci, je me moque beaucoup avec la couleur avec celui-ci, j'espère que vous apprécierez xx