Saturday 29 July 2017

PARTS 1- 5 RULE OF 12, SCRAP YARN MINI CAL: Cushion, Wrap or Blanket

A recap today of parts 1 - 5, same pattern just 5 different sets of colours
A simple 3 round circle joined together in an octagon with an infill that gives you a sort of interesting wrought iron second pattern.
UPDATE: I found the ball band and the black and white/grey yarn I'm using is the HAYFIELDS ARAN TWEED

PART 1: Shades of Reds/Pinks/Oranges

PART 2: Shades of purples

PART 3: Shades of green

PART 4: Shades of Blues

PART 5: Shades of Rust/orange

Parts 6 and 7 the joining rounds will be next week
I rethought how i was going to share the pattern as it's the weekend and a time when some might have more time to crochet and i didn't want to hold anyone up.

I added the last 3 colours and found that 5 blocks of 9 was more than enough for a wrap and it measures over 6' long, so slightly less crochet for the wrap.

12, 24,36 dc in each round will give you a perfect flat circle for this pattern it doesn't matter which stitch you start in

Make 9 in each set of colours, to make a wrap the same as mine.
But, you could use one of the sets of colours if you prefer
or make them all mixed up instead of in blocks of shade of one colour.

As its a scrap yarn wrap/blanket it will depend on what you have.
Joining is done in one colour, but it could just as easily be made in lots of colours too say all the different shades of neutral instead of just one colour black, charcoal, grey, silver, oatmeal, cream or even navy of brown....just have fun with colour for this one and stash bust too.

5mm hook and ARAN yarn
4mm hook and DK yarn, slightly smaller circles.

Finger wrap of 4 wraps.
ROUND 1: cont. in same col. [ch2 counts as first dc], 12dc into circle wrap, sl st to complete [12dc]
ROUND 2: change col. [ch2 counts as first dc] 2dc in each st, sl st to complete. [24dc]

ROUND 3: change col. [ch2 counts as first dc], 2dc in first st, 1dc in next st work alternate 2/1 to end of round, sl st to complete. [36dc]

if you want to see the previous post bout this wrap then scroll back through the last 3 days posts.

Next week i will do parts 6 and 7 the joining and infill pattern that makes the fabulous secondary pattern to this Mini Cal 
Enjoy your weekend All x


  1. Love,love! Need to start my own!

    1. Hi Dawn, look forward to using it, have fun xx

  2. Please can someone share Link to background of the discs blanket pictured above- as it is Not on this page?. Still Not found it. Lindanne

    1. Hi Linda, scroll through later post to find the joining rounds click on header and it will take you to the very last post on this blog then scroll through until you find the one you need or do a search for rule of 12 xx

  3. I can'find the post that shows 6 unbanded skeins of yarn in shades of orange,red pink, orange reds. Underneath are 9 circles using 3 colors in 3 rounds using rules of 12? It was the beginning of the Rules of 12 mini-cal. The entire group of posts 1-5, showing the Color combos used for each of the sections (blue purple, green) I think you were using the Caron Simply Soft yarns. I was going to buy the Yarns I was missing, and I can't find the listing. Help?

    1. Hi Maschelle, if you click older post at the bottom of this post below it will take you to all the older posts about this pattern you should be able to find it that way, as I'm not exactly sure which post you mean from the description hope that helps xxxx

  4. I literally can't find it.

    It was directly connected to your having received the entire Caron Simply Soft yarn line.

    using the Caron Simply Soft, you made the circles for the "Rule of 12" post and named the Caron Simply Soft color used for each round of the circles. Initially it was pinks and reds.

    You indicated you were going to have a mini cal for a wrap.

    Next you posted the initial Wrap info and you named the colors used in the circles for each subsequent color block.

    Then came assembly and finishing.

    After finishing the wrap and afghan you posted a new bobble hexagon colors options and those colors are still listed.