Tuesday, 28 August 2018

GIANT FLOWERS...CoveredHoops

Remember this post a few weeks ago, on Giant flowers?
for lots more pictures of the flowers and variations

Some progress has been made, i decided i wanted to put at least one flower into a hoop, it took 2 buys to get the correct size. None of the hoops cost me more than a £1, but I now have 3 different sizes. 
Who knew Hoola Hoops came in so many different sizes? They are all different thickness's too!

Covering the largest hoop at the moment, for the large blue flower.
I'm over half way with about 5'  3" / 160cm and have almost used a 
full 100g of dk cotton yarn with a 10st strip.

It's going to be 8' 4" [100"/254cm] long. To go all the way around the hoop, you'd never guess a large hoop could be that long would you?

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