Saturday, 4 August 2018

CRESCENT MOON beginnings/new life

Hope you are enjoying the Crescent Moon Wrap? I see some one has already got 3 base crescent done and they are sharing pictures on the Facebook group Sue Pinner Granny Squares, click link to join and share your makes.

I have 2 completed with different side stitches, a 3rd part made for someone close, and a 4th that is considerable bigger, if you want to have a go at this one too....

If you want to have a go, its the same pattern but...
Increase to 25sts [Approx 50cm] 46ROWS
Work straight until the whole piece measures approx. 100cm, 46ROWS,and then decrease to end. [Approx. 1.5m]

link to original Crescent Moon Wrap post for the info/details and 

Stage 2: options for the side banding on Monday and through the week any options that our crochet community have suggested 


Several people have requested a repeat of the 2017 pattern club we have 7 so far and need another 8 people to sign up for this the work.
 12 patterns for £20 on line only and no pdf's.

To make this happen, join the Facebook group and add your name to the list as soon as we have 15 Hookers i will run collect the cash and post the 12 patterns in one go.

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