Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Crescent Moon Shawl...BLOCK STITCH

So sorry, i promised the Fan Crescent Moon Shawl today but I have misplaced my notes, Im sure we have a ghost, things do go missing often, only to reappear a few days later....bit mad and inconvenient sometimes too. The Fan version will be added Wednesday.

So todays pattern will be the BLOCK STITCH VERSION...


All the photographs show my original make of this block stitch version, I only did an increase in the first ch3 loop and don't like the shape. 
The crescent isn't quite right, so the pattern says to do an increase in first 2 ch3 loops....im sure the crescent shape will be better.

100g dk Space dyed yarn 
100g dk black and white or black yarn
4mm hook
US Terms

NOTES: First row is worked into the side of the dc of base pattern. 
increase at the beginning and end of each even row. 

Make the base crescent pattern, pull yarn through the last st and hold ready to do the 2nd row of the block st.

ROW 1: Att. BLACK AND WHITE YARN to the first st, ch3, sc into the next side dc, ch3, sc into next and every side dc to end, finish with ch3, sc in last st, pull yarn through st, and hold,

ROW 2: Ch2, counts as first dc, 2dc into first ch3 loop ch1, 3dc into same ch3 loop, 3dc, ch1, 3dc, in 2nd ch3 loop, 1 set of 3dc in next ch3 loop, repeat to last 2 ch3 loops 3dc, ch1, 3dc in last 2 ch3 loops, 3dc, pull yarn through st, and hold.

ROW 3: Pull up BLACK AND WHITE YARN, sc in first st, ch3, sc in ch1 sp, ch3, sc in next sp between 3dc, repeat to end finish with, ch3, sc, in ch1 sp, ch3, in last 4 blocks, sc in last st. Pull yarn through st, and hold.

ROW 4: pull up coloured yarn, ch2 counts as first dc, 2dc, ch1, 3dc in first ch3 loop, 3dc, ch1 3dc, in next ch3 loop, 3dc in each ch3 loop to last 2 ch3 loops, finish with 3dc, ch1, 3dc in last 2 ch3 loops. pull yarn through st and hold

ROWS 5-17: Repeat rows 3 and 4. Finish with row 3, black and white ch3 loops. cont with black and white yarn for edging st.

NOTES: To make it bigger...You can do more rows of the ch3 loops and blocks of 3dc, if you want it to be bigger before adding the Tooth stitch edging
ORIGINAL MAKE ABOVE...only increased in first ch3 loop but the pattern says to increase in the first 2 ch3 loops this will improve the crescent shape 

ROW 18: BLACK AND WHITE YARN, small triangles i'm calling Tooth Stitch, work one Tooth stitch in each ch3 loop
sc, hdc, dc, tr in first ch3 loop, ch2, 2sc, into the side of the tr post, sc in the ch3 loop, sc. into next ch3 loop and repeat in every ch3 loop to end.

Tomorrows pattern will be the Blue Fan Version of the Crescent Moon Shawl

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