Saturday, 1 March 2008

PROCRASTINATION..never a good thing

Vista has caused me a lot of problems...keeps deleting the printer! Have to reinstall every time l pull the usb link to laptop....supposed to be problems with some stuff not being compatable! MY PRINTER FOR ONE!

So leaving my weekly challenge till the last day l ran out of time what with one problem and another...if it could go wrong it did yesterday that will teach me hey!!!

Gave up last night and got up early this morning to finish off....nothing like last minute hey....but disaster....serves me right l the mistake on this LO?......


  1. we all have days like that and I'm sure you could artily insert an 'r' in there somehow....

  2. WOW Sue this is gorgeous, so serene!

  3. Being a Wiltshire girl Sue, I always have lots of spare R's hahaha