Monday, 3 March 2008


A (2 x 100g ball) baby blanket with inset flower band between a 12sts repeat ripple 
measures approx: 20” x 27” 

2 balls of space dyed yarn 
4mm hook 

Ripple Pattern 
ch 123st 
Row 1: turn 1dc [1tr], into the 3rd st from the hook, counts as first dc [tr], *1dc [1tr], into next 4 sts, cluster next 3dctog [3trtog], 1dc [1tr], in next 4 sts, 3dc [3tr] in next st, repeat from * to end finish with 2dc in last st. 

Row 2: turn, ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 1dc [1tr], in first st, *1dc [1tr], in next 4 sts, cluster next 3dctog [3trtog], 1dc [1tr, in next 4 sts, 3dc [3tr], in next st repeat from * to end. 

Rows 3 - 19: repeat row 2. 
You might find you have enough yarn to do 20 or even 21 rows. 

MAKE: 2 Ripple sections 

Flower Inset
Make 10 flower and join as you go or sew into each dip between the 2 pieces of 19 ripple rows

A finger wrap of 6 wraps 

ROUND 1: 12sc into circle sl st to complete
Round 2: ch4 counts as first dc [tr], and ch2 sp,1dc [1tr], in next st ch2 repeat the 1dc [1tr], 
ch2 to end sl st into first ch4 sp, to complete (12spokes) 

Round 3: ch2, 2dc [2tr], in first sp, 2dc [2tr] ch2, sl st into second sp, sl st into next sp,

repeat for 5 more petals (6 petals)

Join as you go or you can sew all sections together 
Use the corners of the petals to sew together or sl st before and after the ch sts, of flowers to join as you go

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