Friday, 21 March 2008



 A colourful motif for all sorts of projects...

for cushions
stool cover
or chair seat cover.

All the same colour
or lots of different colours

Ch 8 or a two finger magic circle.
NOTE: A magic circle gives a cleaner finished round, no knot showing....wrapped 5 times around 2 fingers should give the correct size for 24 dc.

Round 1: 24dc into the circle keeping a large hole in the centre if you use the magic circle. sl st to complete round.

Round 2: 2dc in first st, 2dc in second st, miss a st and repeat until you have 8 'petals' sl st to finish round.

missed st, every 3rd st, picture below

 Round 3: Long stitch as it was known, more often known as Spike stitch today.
SC Spike st, into the 1st empty st of round 1,

spike stitch is also know as Long stitch
ch 4, spike st into the next empty st, repeat until round complete, sl into first st to finish.

Round 4: continue in the same colour, sl into chain space,
3dc, ch 3, 3dc in the first space,ch1, 2sc, ch1, 2sc, in the next space ch1, repeat until round is complete and now  square.

Round 5: Start in a corner space, 3dc, 3dc in next 3 side spaces, 3dc,ch3,3dc, in next corner space, repeat until round complete, finish with sl st into first st,
Use join as you go on round 5.

DK 4mm hook  4"
Aran 5mm hook 5.5" 

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