Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I decided I loved the sample piece so much it was worth starting again with the ripples running length ways and making a 9 ripple double cowl 

US Terms in black UK Terms in brackets 

sample that decided the 9 Ripple cowl...

An 8 granny shell Ripple repeat pattern, using a 6mm hook.

This shawl sample is an experiment in yarn use with the granny ripple pattern...some yarns don't show the ripple so easily but by adding a second colour way at the edge, give enough detail so the pattern appears...

This sample: 
Just 3 x 8granny shell, repeat pattern, gives a shawl/or generous scarf width of 17"  the length 18rows is approx. 17" so far

This pattern could be worked the other way round by doing a very much longer chain and the ripples down the length of the piece so the ripple edges run down the long sides.

I needed 9 ripples @ 23sts = 207 base ch. 
6mm hook and any chunky yarn
US and UK terms
Marble chunky has a huge selection of blended yarn colours
No extra stitches required, as I am going to work this long cowl in the round, it will be big enough to hang low on warmer days 
but it is long enough to twist a second time around my neck for the chillier moments of next winter.

4 Complete rounds of 9 ripples weigh approx. 66g 
with a couple of flowers the 
total weight approx. 350/360g

ch 207 sl st into a circle

ROUND 1: ch2 counts as first dc, 2dc [2tr] into same st, ch3, 3dc [3tr] into same st, (first point) 
picture below

miss 2 sts, 3dc [3tr] into next st, repeat twice more, 
miss 3sts,(bottom of ripple)  picture below

3dc [3tr]into next st, miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr] into next st, miss 2sts, 3dc [3tr] into the next st, miss 2 sts, 3dc, [3tr] ch3, 3dc [3tr] into next st, start of the next ripple repeat the full ripple of 8granny shells to the end, sl st to complete. (9 full ripples)

Granny Tip: st, mark each dip as you reach it...makes it easier on a long run of ripples to keep track, remove before adding the final finish round 18

Round 2- 15: sl st into the next sp, 3dc, ch3, 3dc into top points, 3dc (granny shell) into side spaces, and miss the bottom space to create the decrease and the up turn
top point above

miss bottom space above.

Round 16: change colour and repeat round 2.

Round 17: change back to main col. repeat round 2.
 I like the two finishes so have done one dotty on one edge and on contrast granny shell round on the second edge

To Finish: 
Round18: add a round of granny shells in the second colour to the spaces of the start ch, to complete the second edge of the long cowl.

A 2 finger wrap of 6 wraps.
  Round 1: 12sc [12dc] into the circle

Round 2: ch3, counts as first tr, [dtr) 1tr [1dtr] into the same st, 1tr [1dtr] into the next st, ch3, sl st into the same st, sl st into the next st, repeat for all 6 petals, sl st to complete.

add a pin the back of each flower add to cowl.

fold the cowl in half so you see both edgings and stay warm.

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