Sunday, 7 February 2010


Right where do l start?
FIRSTLY....thanks for following the Bakewell adventure and glad you all liked the blues
It's always fun to see houses become homes don't you think?

So to the hub of the home

The mainly black & white kitchen with approximately 30 cherry wood units.....30!! that's about what l had at my old faimly home before my divorce and l loved that everything had it's place nice and tidy.....But this kitchen has under floor heating too...very nice!

Not a kitchen l would have chosen l really wanted a white shaker style with a butlers sink but it's too good to get rid of just yet so l'm going to have to work with what l have for now

The only thing that will have to go is the UPVC split barn door style back door with an awful mock stained glass upper panel just can't live with that!!
Thinking black and white wall paper to bring it all together
l hope!!

really not sure at all except the fold back double doors either end of the dining room will have to be re-glazed for something else.......l hate the glass panels
The fireplace in the lounge will have to go too but really not sure with what just yet!!!

with its pale blue shower panels are the only rooms l really have completely decided on with no doubts
As you all saw from the blue inspiration collages yesterday
a white French/Rococo style bed head for our very comfy 6' bed
white furniture and lots of blue white
and silver gilt mirrors etc

This is what THE BEDROOM looks like at the moment but there are lots of sockets and TV points high up on the wall for a flat screen TV!!!
where our bright orange sofas will go.....l think!

l might part screen it and use a few feet of the one end for crafting/office area and add my Expedit storage units
lots of long floating shelves and the low white and chrome units too

Love the light oak laminate floor in there though...pity
the underfloor heating wasn't in there too! hehe
All in all l still loved the space yes there are changes to be made some quickly some over the next couple of years and as l'm a mover and shifter of furniture l will probably change things around a lot just for fun hehehehe...but l'm still loving Bakewell and James did too
can't wait for the beginning of this space hehehe


  1. I'm so happy for you and I can feel the 'creativeness' from here!!
    Can't wait to see it all coming together....
    Bakewell?? in Derbyshire???

  2. Lovely pad suz!! Bet you are itching to get in there!!

  3. OOOOhhhh Aaaahhhhh I just love the new home Suz! And it will be just that when you get finished with it, a home. I like the blue in the bathroom and loved the conservatory. I think you will really enjoy it. I'm sure you will put some color in the kitchen to bring it around. Well done my friend, I think you will be happy there!