Sunday 21 February 2010


Checking out the postings of my favourite blogs TATERTOTS AND JELLO jumped out at me yesterday

  Black and white spotty china? 
Perfect for the Bakewell display cabinets in the kitchen l thought!!

So off l toddled to the shops to find some cheap black china to decorate (managed to find some for a similar price) not that l haven't got a lot of black and white china already you understand hehehe

It's been a favourite over the years but a girl just can't have enough pretty things don't you think???
funplaytime with sticky spots and sticky backed plastic mixed with some of my black and white will look fab in the Bakewell display cabinets don't you think?

Thanks Tattertots and Jello for a fabulous idea going to have lots of fun with this one 
Still need to find the white sticky back plastic to really make the ideas work for me but love the idea so much just needed to tell all my friends about you and your fab idea
hugs xx
Definitely worth checking out her blog for some great ideas and things to buy too


  1. Wow - your plates look amazing. You did a wonderful job -- I love all of the variations you did!


  2. Plates look great!! what a good idea!! Love the blog too lots of inspiration there too! Bathroom is slow......getting fed up now, nothing seems to go right but hoping fingers crossed it may resemble a bahroom, love the b&w xxx