Thursday 25 February 2010


Soon to be our home town....wonderful shopping in a Medieval town a fabulous Library a Castle the longest river in England the River Severn a fabulous Quarry Park with the Dingle flower gardens 


  1. Here, here suz....shrewsbury is just full of beautiful places to visit, thanks for the pictures ...its only when you see it like this you realise how lucky we are to be living so close to a pretty town


  2. Glorious town - and now with a snazzy theatre too!!!! You are going to love it!!!

  3. I do like Shrewsbury, it's still got character..
    I enjoy going with my mum when I go back to Llangollen..
    Also, a long time ago I used to change trains there when I was commuting from London.

  4. What a beautiful town you'll be able to live in!

  5. Seriously, castle like this just down the road. I'm totally jealous. I can't believe this is where you are going to live soon. What color is your guest room again?...he-he... Can't wait to see more pictures of this wonderful town. I'm totally falling in love with England via all my blog buddies. Only have been to London, I need to get out of the city next trip and see more.

    Ok, so to answer your question. I'm getting there, over half packed. Remember, we are driving (20hours) so I can have my car for the all my yarn, plus all my own pillow, plus my laptop for blogging.

    Better run and pick out my readers.

    Kate - <3 <3 <3