Saturday 20 February 2010


Looking for sticky backed plastic today l found the black and the pink but wanted the idea where it's gone too...

But found an album of old photos so l took photos of photos  so forgive the quality 

Went all sentimental l did hehehe and thought l'd share some of the things that made me a living for a few years......15years ago!
Life size dolls and one or two hats...made thousands over the years along with many other hand crafts, childrens clothes and lots of dress making.....aaaahhh memories

Made the hats from furnishing fabrics and they sold really well one or two for a couple of hundred pounds..gasp!!

This was my favourite doll and she went to a B&B for a display


  1. OMG Suz! Your dolls were gorgeous and so were your hats! Got patterns? I love dolls and I love hats. You did amazing work and made a living out of it?

  2. Hi Barbara...not sure about the patterns might come across them in the attic as we move but a hat pattern is easy to make tut maybe to follow if you want it?
    Hugs Suz x

  3. Wow, hats are amazing, how do you size heads for hats, just curious? do they have a scale of sizes like clothes? probably a stupid question but never really made hats before.
    Nicky x

  4. Love the hats - really special. Dolls are fascinating aren't they, and yours are so pretty.