Monday, 15 February 2010


Valentine collage cards flowers chocs and a fabulous meal...Thanks Phil 
love ya xxxx

Hallway and porch inspiration the 1st pic is just the right size and shape of Bakewell's porch so perfect but think it will all be mostly white like the 2nd pic and the bench in pic 6 
l found one exactly the same at Dagfields yesterday!!

General room by room inspiration collage for most of Bakewell...did l say l was excited and can't wait to move in? hehehehe
Wonderful wonderful meal last night at 
The Castle.....and it's only just up the road from us

tiger prawns and pate fillet steak in mushroom and tarragon sauce lamb with rosemary sauce mixed fruit pavlova and sticky date pudding coffee and chocs......yummy

Update on RJ and Pups....
RJ on the mend but still with the vet hoping to come home today l think
thanks everyone for the good wishes
Pups all taken with lovely new owners to be that can't wait to take their new friends home with them

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  1. Now, you have done it. I have to go play with this mosaic thing. I'm seriously loving it. But, a little afraid on this stupid laptop. I want my desktop in the car with us, that's it. It's going.

    Off to look closer at the circle thing I'm spotting on the sidebar. Stunning.

    Kate - The Garden Bell. xoxoxo