Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A chandelier for the gazebo?

I want to add a chandelier to the middle of the gazebo, I had thought tealights in jam jars on a circular frame with fairy lights and dangly glass idea how to make it yet but did a bit of Googling 
 AND LOOK AT THESE...lots more just click the link
This small one is only £150, worth every penny but I just can't right now...May be, can I mention the 'C' word? 
it could be a great Christmas pressie ready for next year?
Look at this beauty, absolutely  fabulous
just stunning
Fran McCaskill fused glass artist in Surrey.

Fabulous, and really inspiring, wish I could afford one right now.
 But would I want to leave it in the garden?
I'll have a go at making one myself first,but I love her work.
Now where is my wire work box and pliers? This could be a fun project to have a go at don't you think?

Lots liked the stripy curtains I used around the gazebo, still more to go up but they are only shower curtains.
Propa gazebo curtains are sooo expensive so I though what could I use that was inexpensive?

Have fun xx


  1. I'm certain you will make one just as beautiful.
    A x

    1. I tried Annie, no where as beautiful as Fran's work but it works for me and something I could afford right now
      Hugs x