Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Thanks for the question help....

All the questions were helpful and I have tried to incorporate a gist of the selection in the chapter, the publisher wanted more drawings and 'bits', more than lots of text but I will be pulling a name of the hat and announce a winner soon..Thanks to everyone who took the time to help out

Part two on the mandala cushion back is HERE too, along with LINKS to the complete pattern.
Been playing with another design too....wanted to incorporate some random dyed
Colinette Yarns that I have had for a while. 

Cant remember which one it is but it is quite a chunky yarn, needs a 5mm hook and is random dyed
these are the first few and there is some variation as I have experimented a bit with the pattern before deciding on the one I will use.
Nothing complicated, hoping the yarn will be enough.

Hugs to all xx


  1. This looks like a fun pattern to do - I've got post stitches coming out of my ears!!! I might have to do a few simple granny squares to unclutter my brain!
    Sue, you have such stamina! Do you ever wear your crochet hooks out?! LOL!

    1. Hi Sandra hehehe I do and scissors hanging around my neck too, I did yesterday, Phil had a hospital appointment so I took this pattern to play with while I waited for him, busy department and I had an audience lol. Great way to make new friends or at least get a few chats and lots of smiles.
      Always best to walk away and go back a few days later, always works for me too.
      Hugs x

  2. Love this motif. You are quite the gal, always coming up with something new to dazzle all of us into wanting to grab our hooks and yarn. Good luck with your writing the book. I am sure it will be a complete success!!
    Susanne :)

    1. LOL Thanks Susanne, wish I was a finished thought, hundreds of experiments in bag and boxes in my craft room that never seem to see the light of day.
      Although I do occasionally have a root through and find something to take further...may be the next book should be experiments and no finished projects leave that to the readers hey? haha
      Hugs x