Sunday 12 August 2012


You might or might not know I was asked to write a crochet book for beginners to intermediary in January this year. To be available early next year, really exciting but very daunting too.

 It was all delivered to the publisher as set out in the contract for the end of July.

Late Friday I had a phone call from the lovely Editor dealing with my book, all good so far, but could I EXPAND a chapter.

I had thrown in a bit of me, something not asked for, something to make it 'mine' hoping it would be liked. I was trying to give the reader a little something that I don't think is in any other crochet book.

 She thought it a great idea, really liked what I had done and wanted more
I am asking for your help please....

If you have a minute I would much appreciate your help.

Yesterday I had lots of ideas, too many to put in one chapter as it is such a
big subject, (I could write a whole book about it) so this morning I thought it a good idea to ask what it is you really what to know about C,D & I?
What would help you and if you have any questions that you would like answered?

There will be a couple of give away's for the best questions
so ask away. Thanks

Hugs to all xx

It's pouring here today :-((


  1. When you put multi colours together do you stick to a similar tone or shade of each colour or does anything get put in the mix. And how do you go about a multi colour mix? Do you chose a balance of warm and cold colours or a mix of colours from the colour wheel??? And what do you physcially do ie? Put the balls of wool together or cut samples and put them together or maybe crochet them up, to test them? Libby

  2. Do you know a nice colour-combination for Christmas exept the traditional red/green/white?

  3. What I'd like to know is, "Are there colours you would never use?" I've known people who just can't stand certain colours and they would never use them.
    Also, "Where does most of your inspiration come from?" for example other people, nature, your inner self LOL.

    Chris Xx

  4. I would like to know about the design process. There is NO real material on this anywhere. Do you play with the yarn and see what happens? Do you determine on paper what you want to make (drawings etc) and then set out to make it happen? Do you know innately how stitches will work together so just 'know' what is required for what you want? Trial and error, or something else?

    I hate all the colour questions myself. It is very personal and what one person likes another will find awful. I just think people should be encouraged to find their own way. I don't think there is a right or wrong way and I find it sad that so many people get hung up on it. Just because you or someone else make something beautiful doesn't mean that is the way we all should, or that a different way is not OK. General pointers are more helpful here rather than 'shoulds' The best people with colour it seems to me, have an innate sense of what they like. It is all the over-thinking and analysis that leads to disappointment I think. You only have to see posts where people get asked their opinions on colour and you find many conflicting choices and reasons. It becomes a minefield and in the end serves to weaken people's belief in choices that previously they were confident about making. Dislike of colours is something to be discouraged as sometimes they help others to shine even more.

  5. I answered you on the 8th gem

  6. I would like to know more about natural fiber colors. I love to crochet, and find some of the colorful crochet blogs really wonderful and cheerful. But am interested in crocheting with natural fiber colors. Kate Davies has done beautiful color work knitting patterns. But I have never seen the same done in crochet.

  7. I'm personally really interested in color theory - how certain colors affect certain moods, help with healing, etc. I'm not sure if that would have a place in your book but that's something that's always really interested in me.

    For something more practical and basic, I think it's always good to include tips on changing colors (best ways to do it, how to weave in ends in multi-color projects). And also tips on yarn substitution are always helpful.

  8. I'd like to know which colours go with which colours and how you can choose colours for certain colour schemes to match your house.

  9. I do both traditional and freeform crochet. I would like some thoughts on freeform. Or at least combining different textures in a piece. I love texture and surface design!
    Thanks... I can't wait. please let me know when you want to get the word out. I work for Fiber Art Now magazine. We would love to know about your book when you are ready.

    Cami Smith

  10. BIG Thanks to everyone for helping out I will be pulling a name out of the hat and will let you know who won asap.
    Thanks again it was a great help
    Hugs to all xx

  11. OK my 6p worth Sue ...................

    When I have written up patterns for sale and have needed to include a section on colour these are the points I make or questions I want the person to answer - it clears the mind and makes them go through the thought and design process

    What is instinct for one person is hard work for another

    a - do you want something that is all tones or lots contrast? DO you want it to tone in or be a statement piece? WHat mood is it to be - bright and cheery or feminine or masculine or nautical or seasonal e.g. autumnal,spring etc etc
    b - do you want something that is bright or quiet in colourway? Restful or exciting?
    c- Think of the colourwheel - not just in terms of complimentary but adjoining colours. Remember all the lessons learnt in quilting!
    d - think tone - the amount of grey or white (pastel)
    e - think true bright colours or mid-tones
    f - most important of all colours affect each other!!! So place colours enxt to each other to see how they not only match but CHANGE!!

    As for the design process - this is mine
    MOST of the TIME is spent sorting out the colourway ....
    I place all the balls in question in a row - usually on top of a radiator or back sofa .and as I pass each day I pick out a colour - take it out add another or move them about
    It takes time and several weeks but fresh eyes every day or after a break does wonders!
    If you cant do that cheat and use a space dyed yarn like NORO - or go and look at their whacky colours for ideas
    Sometimes you need a colour you would not think of to make the scheme work
    ALSO look at the colours in different lights - sunshine/greydays plus natural vs artificial light

    This method means you can work with either neutrals - or any variety of colours

    That is what I do Sue - my trade secrets from patterns I publish
    Its a difficult subject and is a book in itself
    Anyway hope that helps .....

  12. hhmm I always have problems with picking colours that go well together. Maybe you could add a colour wheel in there to help people with this and explain how to work out colour matches. Also how do you write a pattern or read a pattern?