Friday, 3 August 2012

Fair Isle Mandala Pattern first part can be found here

It's in 3 PARTS, Today, tomorrow and Monday, a huge pattern and lots of pictures and the up-loader was struggling to upload any more pictures.

hope it is understandable, shout if there is a problem.
The pattern so far will take you to round 13, I had run out of some colours so used alternatives from the original but you can copy the first one by looking at top picture.
4mm hook and Cotton yarn is best
Hugs to all x


  1. Woo Hoo!Can't wait to get started.Shall we have a CAL?
    Re uploading pics - have you tried deleting some of your old stuff from Flickr or Picasa or wherever you store your pics? Might free up some space and be quicker to upload.
    Have a great weekend, Suz.

  2. Hi no not tried that, but i'm not very good with all this computer stuff, late learner and it still frightens me to death sometimes, playing with settings is how I ended up with 3 blogs and a lost link to the original blog, that has caused lots of problems with old links people have lost, told ya I wasn't good at it lol
    Have fun and shout if I go anything wrong or that you couldn't understand
    Sue x

  3. It's wonderful Sue, thank you so much...just gorgeous
    Jacquie x

  4. This is great--Thank you for sharing! Since blogger is changing over to the new and improved version, I've had problems a few times loading pictures too.

  5. That is simply amazing and gorgeous, thanks for sharing!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. What a beautiful start to a pattern that I'm sure many, many people are going to love!

  7. Thanks all hope the silly mistake I made and Sandra and Dee noticed, hasn't caused any problems
    Totally y mistake sorry xx