Sunday 5 August 2012


A permanent home for the Gazebo, in the middle of the lawn. 
Phil cut the logs and sank them into the edge.

We don't have a big back garden and the gazebo has to be moved around every time we want to cut the lawn so a decision was made to make a permanent home for it started in the week but 'stuff' has got in the way of finishing it as quickly as we wanted.
Today fingers crossed we can get out there and finish digging up the lawn and then get the ton of chippings ordered and in asap.
Built a new back door step and widen the drive at the bottom of the garden and hope to remove the side planting area and make two brick boxes and a space for the garden swing at some point too.

Nothing like a bit of digging to help you sleep, I HOPE!

have a Super Sunday everyone
Hugs to all xx

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  1. What a nice project you're doing in your garden! We're just busily packing up stuff for our 9 day camping trip in the wilderness. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)