Monday, 15 July 2013


A Fruit Smoothie
blueberry yogurt
and some left over apple juice.

I started this juice diet 4 days ago, although for the first day I ate food as well because I wasn't prepared to throw it away....
The second day I didn't feel too good, a bad head and I slept most of the day.
Yesterday i jumped out of bed and we went walking....unheard of lol
My energy levels are rising, I also didn't need an afternoon nap yesterday and I am sleeping a lot better at night.
Been working this morning...GRANNY SQUARES PATERN CLUB, LOTS OF NEW MEMBERS THIS MONTH ALREADY, since 6am I have been adding the new posts for this week..........
so a walk will happen when the sun isn't so hot probably early evening.
The juices are really filling and I dont feel hungrey and have already lost weight and already feel different.....better, no bloating or over filled tummy...going great so far.
Danger points are early evening for me, but so far I am managing to stick with it.
hugs to all x


  1. Well done - so glad you're feeling better! Is this a specific diet or are you just winging it with the smoothies? Would love to know more about it. x

    1. Hi I watched fat sick and nearly dead Joe Cross.....inspiring and no I'm not any where as ill or over weight as he was but I liked the idea very much so I bought his recipe book joined his reboot blog and giving it a go for a month.
      Tomorrow I will add the links to every thing
      Hugs xx

  2. Good for you, I am so happy for you. Your shake looks very yummy.

    1. Hi Meredith...Thanks, 3lbs off this monring and sticking with it.
      And yes they are even the green ones are yummmy too...i'm glad to say lol
      Hugs x

  3. hello sue, like always interesting project for the mind and body... tell me this diet is only liquids? how long can you keep your teeth jobless?

    best regards

    1. We had a veg roast last night from Joe's recipe some solid food but only veggie ones.
      Back to only hip juices again today.
      Hugs x