Sunday 7 July 2013

SO SUNNY HERE IN THE where better when is shines, than the garden, gorgeous

Hope everyone in the UK is enjoying the sun shine we are having at the moment?
All day outside? wow!
It's been such a miserable spring, it's lovely to have some nice weather.

The heat in my craftroom yesterday (39c) sent me outside onto the shady garden swing with a pile of wool and a hook or two...making some bunting, something easy on the brain.
10 colours and 2 of each at the moment, except the darker pink, not sure about that one yet

I'm on my own this weekend so I am pretending I am on holiday and doing only what I want, chilling and relaxing.....a cat to share the garden swing with me, a hook, wool and a Sangria and orange juice
mmmmmmmmmm...I'm chilled.

I took pictures of the garden the bottom of this post, because they are over exposed was so sunny and bright the pictures didn't come out very well at all.

My Birthday Flowers....have al opened and look wonderful
.....thanks Phil  xx
Looking forward to the match this afternoon...crossing everything for Andy.

over exposed swing pictures hehe
and I had made the garden all pretty to sit in too..I'll try again to take a better picture


  1. Hi Sue,Easy living!!!Enjoy it while you can!!!

    1. oh! I did lol...until Andy was on TV that is.
      Hugs x

  2. Your triangles are looking great, Sue. I love the soft colours too!
    I have been very bold in my choice of colours as my finished triangles will be made into an outside bunting next to the garden table!
    I can imagine you sitting on that garden swing and crocheting to your heart's content. Lovely birthday flowers and I love that little garden lamp! Happy Sunday!

    1. hi...mmmm they worked but i didn't know where to put them so they are now a Wimbledon Andy banner lol
      Your look fabulous just perfect on your balcony....hope you do a post about them?
      Hugs x

  3. It looks like you're having a lovely summer! We are having unusually wonderful summer weather.. we're usually still getting rain! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Seems lots of places world wide is getting lovely weather right now, lucky us hey?
      Hugs x