Sunday, 21 July 2013

By 7pm tonight......almost finished.

Just quick because I won't have time in the morning club posts to do.....
Just a little bit to do, Phil will build the end walls back up tomorrow and then we can finish the 4 half slabs, add the new coping stones to the walls, then I can plant up....with what?
I don't know yet, some research to do first


 My thanks for all your hard work xx
oops! i have just noticed the spelling mistake..speed not hast hey? lol


  1. He is a keeper that is for sure.

    1. oh! yes...and he make me laugh a lot lol
      hugs x

  2. Hi Sue,A hero indeed!!!!Well done!!!It's going to look real nice!!!!Love your Van in the background!!!
    Have a fab week!!!!

    1. Hi...he's having a lie in this morning...well deserved too.
      Thanks...that's Noo Noo and he cut chunks out of the wheel arches, made new shaped pieces and welded then in and painted them last week too..a clever hero lol
      Hugs xx

  3. Oh, how wonderful this project looks! I have tried to tell my friend that has a huge, unused yard (it looks like a well-maintained golf course) how pavers could be a lovely addition in one area where a sliding glass door in his living room opens to a sheer drop of 4' to the yard. Maybe if he sees what you and Phil (who is a good man!) have done he will 'see' what I have been meaning. Of course steps from the door down to them would be a plus. Lovely job and idea you and Phil have come up with! And he makes you laugh too!? He sounds wonderful!

    1. Hi thanks..almost finished but pouring with rain today so all we can do is look out at it all today lol
      Hugs x