Saturday 6 July 2013

GRANNY SQUARES PATTERN CLUB...going well so far.

Thanks to all the new members who have joined the fun on
mail me if you are interested in joining.
The only complaint i have had so far is I am giving them all too much so they are having to print out their favourites and make a folder of ideas for future reference because there is so much on the site.
I have already done almost 40 posts of new ideas and variations....oops! I forget others don't have as much hooky time as I do....SORRY lol.
Another Star member and her projects to share with you all
click the link to take you there.
A stunning wall hanging from giant flowers.
and there are several WIP going on too i will share asap.
Happy hooking Sandra gorgeous colours
hugs x


  1. Thank you, Sue! Combining colours in using two strands of yarn was the most fun part of doing those big 18cm (7-inch) flowers!
    I'm having a ball in your Crochet Club with all the wonderful inspirational patterns that my fingers are itching to try out! Anyone hesitating to join should jump in! They won't be disappointed!

    1. Hi, Sandra! I love your wall hanging! You made awesome color choices! I was all 'WOW' when I saw them posted! I had to zoom in to see if you had used two strands of yarn (they work THAT WELL together!), and, by golly you did use two strands. Such lovely pairings! Now I know I just needed to scroll down to find out, as it's in your comment. LOL! I had more fun looking up close tho, discovery and learning and all that fun stuff! It's kinda like finding out what is wrapped in those lovely presents under the Christmas tree! Your work gave me ideas on some of my colors that are too bright for their intended use. You did a beautiful job! And I agree with what you said about the Granny Club Sue has. I am so glad I joined! Only problem is I want to do it! So many ideas and patterns. Anybody who crochets and loves granny everything should join. My money is tight because I'm too Ill to work anymore, and I have gotten my investment back many times over just by the sheer volume of patterns and ideas Sue has posted already! What, its been barely a month since it opened? Yep, it is more than worth the money! Again, love your wall hanging!

    2. Hi Maschelle! I had such fun combining colours with two strands, I had to play around a little until I was satisfied and only put my favourite blends on the final wall hanging!
      It's really great being part of Sue's Granny Club, isn't it?! So nice to connect with kindred spirits too!

  2. I'd love to join but can't find your email.

    I'm "ruth" on Ravelry, if you want to message me there.

    1. Hi Ruth oooops I meant to put in on the side bar lol
      Not had a good morning for making mistakes and forgetting things
      But I will go look for you n Ravelry too
      Hugs x

  3. Congrats on the success of your project! I adore the colors in those flowers! Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. wundervoll!♥
    Liebe Grüße,*Manja*

  5. Just found your blog after being given your wonderful book for my birthday this week. I love the giant flowers wall hanging and so many other crochet items in your photos. Where can I find out more about the granny squares pattern club? :o)

  6. is it to late to join your granny square club?

    1. Hi Janet the club finished in June ran for 12 months and the next one I hope will start it January 2015 , all the details will be on my blogs in December
      Thanks for the enquiry