Friday 11 December 2015


Well on the way to completing the second IKEA Stranne light

Every year around this time i aways want jobs that have been left unfinished completed,it seem i tend to buy furniture too, ordered a mini sideboard on Tuesday and it arrived about 10.30 yesterday! speedy

By lunchtime it was unpacked (more cardboard to get rid of), all the 'stuff from the old unit was sorted, the rubbish removed and the new sideboard in place.....why do we keep the rubbish is always beyond me.

i'm a terrible procrastinator so there are always lots I want to do this time of year...

In 2011 I started to add flower heads to my two 
IKEA Stranne standard lights 

I finished one but never really started the second, well this year its well on the way to being a pretty as the first for Christmas

 This time Ive added foil punched centres to make it sparkle a little not so easy to see in the pictures but it works a treat
 only problem is I've run out of foiled cardboard...

off to the shop later see if i can get some, if not the last 27 flowers will have plain centres like the first light

Really making progress with the Christmas clear out....
I've managed to go through almost all the draws and cupboards down stairs and throw out the rubbish,
 found a few 'lost' items too....good for the soul to have a clear out I think

All the flowers and more, for the light are cut just need a couple of sheets of 
foil card to do the centres

I've had an idea for all the other flowers i've found while routing around in the craft room paper crafting boxes....

 hope i can get to it before Christmas.
 all you need to make the flowers is some thin card or wallpaper a snowflake punch, a hole punch and hammer, 

My hole punch isn't quite big enough so using the scissors to push into the hole to make it a teeny tiny bit bigger so they fit the bulbs of the light
I had forgotten how relaxing paper crafting can be..having lots of chill out time making these
 no room for cats at the mo, so hope they don't want to come sit by me for a couple of hours....
 or I will have cut outs all over the place

 this time the flowers are 3 layers and have shiny foil centres 

Found my sewing machine too so the last of the laminated snowflakes will be up soon too

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