Tuesday 29 December 2015

Granny Square skirt

Been struggling to get 'into' anything since Christmas...lots of sample squares but nothing was grabbing me until today.... 
A Birthday present granny square skirt for someone special in 10 colours joined with charcoal/black in merino

About 10 Days to complete the skirt

UPDATE: About and hour to do 10 x 2 rounds then another hour to join them together may be and i need about 90 + so around 20 hours to make with another couple of hours for the waist band and hem edging stitch 2/3 days it should be done 

Also making a New Granny Shell jacket from my jumper pattern


  1. Happy Christmas and New Year to you, Sue! Really looking forward to seeing the finished skirt - I've been wanting to try something like this for a while but haven't had the courage to plunge in. The granny square element ought to be relatively straightforward for a short straight skirt but I haven't worked out how best to do the shaping at the waist or the opening. Please do share how you do yours! E x

    1. Hi E, hope you had a good Christmas, and Happy NEW year, not long now? I will share the making of the skirt as it happens, all the colours picked just need to finalise the joining yarn black charcoal or dark grey....and she took out one colour from the 10 so i will crack on it the 2 round squares until i see her next. and the jacket i am making too xx