Thursday 10 December 2015

Some of my Christmas Decorations makes from the last 10 years

I love Making Christmas Decorations
some of my favourite Christmas projects from the last few years.

From loo roll flowers to crochet snowflakes and  Christmas cushions, advent calendars and hanging dec's..

over the years I've had a go at all sorts for Christmas projects
its been great to look back and see the fun I have in December.

 2010 was a busy year
 3D Cardboard stars

 and Felt Snowflake cushions and hearts in 2010
 advent calendars in 2011

 Lots of red and white cardboard stars and snowflakes about 9/10 years ago
 2011 Advent calendar filled with chocolates
 2010 loo roll flowers to decorate all sorts

 Laminated snowflakes in 2010
 rainbow stars in 2013
 crochet baubles
 mini pearl Christmas tree and doves another year

 loo roll flower wreaths sprayed silver

 3D Cardboard star about 5 years ago

 stocking filler dominoes all printed and laminated and cut out...we had hours of fun with these one year
 spent many a happy hour cutting out dozens of printer paper snowflakes by hand, then laminating them and cutting the out again

 I made hundreds of these little wooden trees one year about 11/12 years ago

 one of my favourite trees gave up the ghost last year I'm afraid

 a candle stick from an old niece of a bed
still on the mantle this year...there is another one i never finished in the cupboard some where too
candle stick still around today

 Felt hearts and snow flake cushions

 Dozens of laminated snowflakes all cut ut by hand in paper and laminated then cut out again

 We made a Light Christmas trees in the garden one year

 Lots of foil cover cardboard snowflakes strung together to make garlands that moved in the warm air and need for lights at all

cant find these at the moment, hiding some where in the house though

 No idea where these garlands of rainbow punched snowflakes one year

 dozens of spiky layered snowflakes another year and they are on the tree this year...still surviving

 paper cone wreaths
 loo roll slice flowers about 10 years ago.....still have them all,
 unfortunately I think this tree died last year
 and many many more, 
I just don't have pictures of them 

and each year I make lots and lots of crochet stars and snowflakes too


  1. Wow what an amazing collection of decorations over the years and all so different.Amazingly I love the toilet roll flowers the most, did you do a tutorial on those in your archives at all? X

    1. HI, Thanks, yes there is a tutorial but it's not mine girl called Michelle did the original if you look back at loo roll wreath and flower posts scroll down and look at the pictures there is a link on one of the posts or google loo roll flowers that night find the original post xx