Friday 4 December 2015

CROCHET: Bohemian Blanket pattern

This is not my pattern link HERE 
to original owner of the pattern 
Susan Kennedy

 but it is a lovely idea I love so making my version of this pattern, basically it's the same principle as doing a C2C.

 Once you remember to do ch sts, when needed as dc replacements, 
its an easy to do pattern and can be made in 
large or small sections all the same or all different 

I'm making 2 throws one in the same yarn as the throw in the background
I'm about half way through that one hoping to finish it the weekend.... 

 and another in natural colours of 
charcoal grey, a space dyed cream through stone, light grey and cream in pure wool and alpaca

I think may be originally based on the blankets of the beautiful Navajo Indian Blankets like these....

My picture choice is of the black, grey's and beige versions but there are some fabulous autumnal versions you could use for inspiration

a part made length of bunting for Christmas adapted from patterns in my new book
Granny Squares and Shapes

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  1. Hello, please remove the link to the pattern on from your website. I am the designer of the Bohemian Blanket and the copyright holder of the pattern. I granted Simply Crochet magazine ( a six-month license to publish the pattern (June to December 2015). This website has illegally copied and pasted from the magazine, violating copyright laws. You can direct your readers to my designs at instead. Thank you for honoring the creative process and not promoting websites that steal other's designs!
    Susan Kennedy