Friday 1 January 2016

Block stitch Challenge 2016...sample board

The new Jacket has reached the under arm split...

Block Stitch Challenge 2016

Using Block Stitch to combine the Temperature and mood into one blanket or scarf if you don't think you can manage a full blanket

Mood for the sc/ch sts
Temperature for the blocks...or the other way a round 

An updated block stitch pattern to follow
with turning and colour changing etc.

With links to Ravelry and Pinterest folders on past mood and temperature projects, lots of fabulous creations to see from some wonderfully creative crocheters and knitters

I need a new sample board to cover in fabric or just to paint?
...when I can find 5 minutes
dozens of samples in bags and boxes, not out for inspiration, been meaning to do this for a while now.


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