Monday 11 January 2016

Challenge 2016: The 15 minute rule

The 15 Minute rule Flowers are growing until I ran out of the Alpaca in Aran for the petals

and the Challenge 2016 Temperature blanket is growing too,

So I moved onto the next 15 minute rule project until i get more yarn

 so far it takes me 1/2hour to make a 8 round square for this part made blanket. So 2 x 15mins for a square, 
I'm doing a square in a day 

I started this blanket when I was doing the book to go with one of the cushions 
but it never made the book so here it is no pattern just a basic modern 12 round granny squares

Then I found a little bit more of the Alpaca this morning on one of my 
15 minute Tidy Rule Challenges 
for today.......yes I'm applying the 15 minute rule to lots of jobs i will put off

So back to the flowers tomorrow

temperature blanket roll 10 days done...
nothing above 9degree yet and lots of purple for 7/8degree

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