Tuesday 5 January 2016

PATTERN: Challenge 2016, THE 15 MINUTE RULE


Needing just 15 minute a day to complete a 6' blanket in a year started me thinking....

 All those unfinished project I have? 
Could 'The 15 Minute Rule'
see a project or two finished in a year?...YES, I think it could.

 Using 'The 15 Minute Rule' complete as many unfinished projects as possible in 2016

I'm sure you all have unfinished projects lurking somewhere and would like to see them completed?
By doing just 15minutes a day on a project we could all see a few finished?

Unfinished project 1: 14 minutes to do 2 flowers every day,
 not sure when it will be complete as I'm not exactly sure what I want it to be yet

I just liked the simple pattern and just the hint of colour

  Alpaca mix in several soft colours for the padded centres...small left over ends make the centres

4mm hook

 Alpaca tweed in col: Aran, for the petals
1 Finger wrap of 12 wraps (for padding anything less and you don't get the nicely padded middle)

ROUND 1: 12 sc [12dc] into the circle sl st to complete, weave in ends

ROUND 2: Petals of 3dc [3tr], in each st, ch3 between, join as you go using the ch3 loops in pairs making a hexagon shape (6 pairs of loops)


  1. Finishing unfinished crochet projects sounds like an excellent idea! The thing is, will we stick at it?!!! I've three things I never finished, two were because of lack of yarn (one was a colour dye problem) and the other is sorted because I found the yarn, but still haven't finished the project! The third project, I don't even feel like finishing as I don't like it well enough! Good luck with your 15 minutes a day!

    1. Hi Sandra, Thanks, i think its very possible we will....15 minutes is so short a time and very doable not having any problem with the 15 minute rule so far...in fact i'm applying it to other things that need doing in my life too.....and its working. xx

  2. This is the first time I've seen your blog, so I will try to describe the sensation I had. It was just like a '60's commercial, where a sleepy man throws on some aftershave. Immediately he is slapped on each cheek (Smack!! Smack!!), after which he smiles and says "Thanks, I needed that!" Wow, my creative center was given a powerful smack! Thanks, I needed that! Wonderfulness!

    1. Hi Slysister, hahaha..thanks you, thats some sensation! I'm so pleased you found me then and hope you have hours of fun with the patterns on my blog let me know if you make anything I do a fans of my patterns and books post every month. x

  3. Great idea. With the 15-minute-rule you can finish a few works in progress. Ending the unfinished projects will give a good feeling and a lot of fun. I am going to use this 15-minute rule and see if it works for me to. Thanks for this excelent idea.

    I wish you a year with many finished projects, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you, exactly what i though too, applying it to other jobs to be done in my life too. Great feeling yes when procrastination is over come. Hoping to do at least 12 in a year I will add a post as soon as something is finished using the 15 minute rule x

  4. Susan,
    Beautiful pattern! And, the 15-minute rule is a good suggestion. Like a creative rejuvenation zone.Thanks. Sue

    1. Hi...thank you for following the blog and i love the 15minute rule works for all sorts of jobs to be done good luck xx

  5. Your ideas patterns and colours always inspire Sue. Thank you for sharing. Barbara