Monday 4 January 2016

CHALLENGE 2016: Temperature blanket with a difference

Took about an hour to sample and decide on what/how to make my 
Challenge 2016
I really would have liked a blanket but wasn't sure I could commit to such a large blanket, even over a year
I thought a wide wrap would be a good idea, then i checked the measurement
5 rows = approx. 2" 
That would mean the wrap would be about 12' 2" long..that wouldn't work so a blanket it became...

Back to the drawing board...

At 34" wide and 12' long it was totally wrong
Change the stitch? Start again? 
work with what had done already 
Thinking cap on....

Every 4 months would equal approx. 3' and it was almost 3' wide 
so my plan is to make a blanket after all....

CHALLENGE 2016: MY 15 MINUTE A DAY TEMPERATURE BLANKET  It will be approx. 6' square
with a flower fringe on only one side so the squares can be joined together with the stripes running at 90deg. to each other
something like this
Obviously in the chosen 12 colours and each square will be different but I'm happy with the design so here's hoping it will work.

15 MINUTE COMMITMENT BLANKET So for 15minutes a day I can commit to Making a blanket after all 
and a generous 6' square blanket for our 6' bed


JAN 1: 5DEG light lavender
JAN 2: 8DEG darker purple shade
JAN 3: 7DEG darker purple shade

EASY START BASE CHAIN click for how too.

 The next two rows only took 15 minutes each including a small flower one end of the row, these will create a flower fringe one end and a plain end so I can join the squares together as above

I'm using my own version of 'v' stitch for this project
 ALPACA blend and a 4mm hook
in 12 colours

Below zero: Cream not white for me
1-2 deg : Light grey
3-4deg : Dark Grey
5-6deg : light lavender shade
7-8 deg : darker purple shade
9-10 deg : soft blue
11-12 deg :Soft blue/green
13-14 deg : soft warm green
15-16 deg : Yellow
17-18 deg: Soft pink
19-20 deg : Darker pink/red
20+ deg: Orange/rust shade

Each 3 month square will measure approx 3'square with flower fringing it adds another couple of inches one side.

 Easy Base Chain of 113 stitches multiples of 2 sts, plus 1st.

Plus a start and finish of 8 ordinary chain sts and a small flower with 5 or 6 petals in a loop each end.

 Some of the colours are finer than others so 
some flowers are 5 petals.

 It took a bit of working out but 'm very happy with the idea so far..lets hope it works out over the year

Mini flower Pattern
added to the start of each row but can be added to the ends of the rows as well

Finger wrap of 6 wraps, or ch5 sl st into a circle.
ROUND 1: ch2, 2dc [2tr], 2ch into circle, repeat 5 or 6 times for each petal, ch10 then start the row of your blanket or project,

CH10 make a ring with ch2 and a dc [tr], into the 2nd st from the hook
ROUND 1: Repeat the 5 or 6 petals into the ring cut off and weave in ends 

Enjoy your Challenge 2016 what ever it might be

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  1. Well, this is new to me! A temperature blanket? It appears that the temperature referral has to do with the warmth of the a progression from coolest to warmest? I really think that one edge with flowers is going to give the finished blanket a neat look! What a great idea! And being 6' square is nice! I like a blanket that covers the bed...even when it's being used in the Living room while watching TV. You never know when a person's going to lay down on that sofa and need a full sized afghan. Will be following this project with great interest!