Tuesday 12 September 2017

Circle of life Skinny Scarf


A long Striped Triangular Wrap/Scarf with a circle or flower fringing...

this Version has mixed stripes from 1 row or up to 4 rows per colour


Lots of small quantities of dk or Aran
4mm hook dk
5mm hook AranThe colours are slightly different from my sample as I has used crocus and unfortunately crocus has been discontinued 

MEASURES: Approx.60" [152cm] X 15" [38cm] at centre
if you want it longer continue with the increase before doing the centre no increase section, shorter then don't do quite so many of the straight no increase middle section before doing the decrease.

US Terms in black and UK Terms in red brackets

A striped shawl with a circle or flower fringing (if you are into flowers)
This means there are less ends to deal with
if you double up the number of rows the ends are all at the circle or like this one the stripes run from narrow to wide
Makes for an interesting Wrap/scarf mixing the width of the stripes

Another alternative is to start and finish with a circle or flower as i have done with the straight scarf in the picture below 

finger wrap of 10 wraps 

14sc [14dc], into the circle, sl st into first st, (14sts)
2sc [2dc], into each st (28sts)

Row 1: 2dc [2tr], into second st from the hook,
 ch10, 1dc [1tr], into second st from the hook,

12sc [12dc], into circle made with the dc [tr], do 6sc [6dc], one side of the ch, and 6sc [6dc] the other so the circle stays central, 
You can stop here with a single round circle or continue to do the double round circles
or follow the link for the flowers 

sl st into first st, 2sc [2dc], into each st, of circle 
cut off and weave in end.

Row 2: repeat the circle and ch......in next colour but with just a ch8
finger wrap of 10 wraps 
12sc [12dc], into the circle, sl st into first st, (12sts)
2sc [2dc], into each st (24sts)

each row of the actual shawl will be from a standing start...

st on hook yo, hook into first st, yo, pull yarn through base st, this is a standing star for a dc [tr], complete the first dc [tr], as usual, dc [tr], into next st, 2dc [2tr], into last st increasing this row by 1sts, cut off, pull yarn through.

Sorry there are some ends with this design.

Row 3- 50: REPEAT ROW 2, changing colour for every row and with an increase of 1sts in the last st until you have completed 50rows.

@50 rows it will be approx. 15" deep x 20" long
Continue with the same pattern [row 2], for another 20" with NO increase at all.

Then decrease 1sts every row until you have another 20" complete and no stitches left.

Finish with the last ch10, and single/double circle to flower

This pattern can be altered in length by following the above instruction or more or less increasing and shortening to lengthening the middle straight section

 either a single round circle

 a double round circle

or you can add flowers as you know thats how i start most of my projects off
flower pattern is on the wave pattern if you prefer flowers

link to the wave pattern and how to do the flower fringing

Many of my project have had flowers and circle fringing added

the temperature blanket I'm doing through 2016 for example

If you want to do the variation stripes this will help...
when you do the double and quadruple stripes start and finish with a circle or flower for each completed stripe all circles or flowers will be on one side of the scarf

 48 x single stripes = 20" then continue straight no increase for 14 double row stripes still using the grey and oatmeal between colours, then stop using the grey and oatmeal and do 7stripes x 4row strips and no increase this will give another 20", then continue to do the 4 row stripes but decrease until all stitches are gone and the whole scarf should measure approx. 60" but the weight has stretched mine to about 6' long once complete.