Friday, 23 October 2009


After a damp depressed start to the day.....
1. l got a call from James...always makes me happy hehehe..home for a long weekend
2. A wonderful trip to a yarn store...a feast of colour and fabulous yarns
3. Fabulous wow wow!! happy bunny

Very hard to decided on the colours l want to use for the ripple throw......did a couple of samples but love the mixed colour yarns and it was soooo hard to decide on what colours to leave out so.....

l'm going to use (l think) a mixture of 3 colours as one yarn of this gorgeous 100% Merino and an 8mm hook....
love the chunky look and with so many colours l can make up endless combinations of mixed yarn colours and the look is subtle and blended with no clashes
What a fabulous shop...COLOUR MART SHREWSBURY...sooooooooooo helpful and because l bought 38 colours and 200grms of each l got it at an unbelievable price...

Normally this 100% (super soft )Merino yarn is normally £1.50 per 50grms
comes on cones...great machine for winding the amount you want onto cones


  1. wish i had a good yarn shop near me. Look forward to seeing the ripple in action!

  2. Hi Arty...can't believe l sort of forgot about Colourmart...not a shop really it's just an industrial unit with mountains of boxes full of yummy yarns...but it's the price thats unbelievable...take a look they post all over the world...not sure what the p&p is though..worth a look
    Going to do a cowl in ripple as a bit of a sample piece 1st watch this space hehe
    Hugs x

  3. Hiya Suz
    Just been leaving comments for you all over at Flickr, and then remembered your don't have a link to your blog in your Flickr profile though, I had a devil of a job trying to remember what your blog was called lol!!!! But i found you eventually :o)

    I am sooooo wowed by your new yarn, it looks totally scrumptious. Is it really soft?? I find merino can vary enormously, and i'm looking for a v soft wool for a ripple (my little man wants me to make him one, but he loves the cashmerino and i can't really afford that yarn for him, bless)

    Would be hugely helpful if you could could give us a web link to your yarn, i did look at the colourmart website but they have SO much on there I got confused (easily done).

    And while I'm here, can I say that i LOVE your new ripple slippers, they are fabulous.

    lovely visiting with you Suz, its been like stepping into a rainbow :o)


  4. Hi Lucy....have sent you a mail hope you got it?
    Left messages on Ravelry and flickr
    Thanks for liking the slippers...very comfy x