Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Bad girl today l'm afraid...decorations still up and l played all day with my new books and a bit of pastel yarn for the swap 12 l do each month
not sure which l will send yet but it was fun hehehe

Spot the mistake......ggggggrrrrr l didn't until l'd cut the yarn off so that's for the scrap
not one for using patterns much just make it up as l go but learn't quite a few stitches today

By that l mean....some stitches l've used in the past now have names!!


  1. I had to giggle when you said you were a bad girl today. I had a to do list that got thrown out the window when I discovered your blog this morning. Hee, hee! I really like your color selections. I wouldn't have noticed had you not said anything, but I do think I see where your mistake is (since you said to look for it, I did...LOL)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't seem to be able to find it. Looks lovely to me.

  3. I agree - can't see a mistake either- Suz- Thanks so much for looking at my blog and commenting - Love your blog so much - so lively and colorful - and great links too!!!

  4. Never mind... it looks very nice anyway and adds to the originality!!

  5. Hi and thanks all for the lovely things you're doing the blog and the wonderful new friends it makes...

    Mistake is a treble and picot missing on the bottom left corner and as it is, it wouldn't have been noticed, but l wanted to make it into a 12" square and needed it to have the central picot!!...oh well always make another hehe...more hooky time wonderful

  6. Counting not your strong point then Suz, lol!!!!
    Only kidding..... Not a really a pastel person but the colours work.
    Nicky x

  7. hehehe l was watching the Tv at the same time undid it a couple of times but missed that one!! lol
    Hugs XX