Friday, 5 November 2010


Since we moved we have done quite a few touristy things last night we did the 
HAUNTED WALK....Shropshire is supposed to be one of the most haunted counties lol
But l would certainly recommend the walk about an hour and a half and takes you to lots of the oldest parts of medieval Shrewsbury 
the plan is to do the same walk in the daylight but for now l'll share the narrow cobbled streets and passages with you in the dark....sorry to say the only spirits we saw were in 
THE HOLE IN THE WALL PUB for a meal before the walk hehehe
Where Lady Sarah walks....we found out as the walk began..
can't remember all the details of the talk all the ghosts and all the stories of happenings in old Shrewsbury but it certainly was interesting and made you look at the town in a new light
so many timber framed buildings to look at 
the Museum
and this was the only shock l got last night hehe....look at the price...shock horror!
lots of small passages like this in Shrewsbury
some prettier than others but all fascinating

and lots of narrow streets..
with lots of stories to tell...the next picture is of the original POST OFFICE 
with its cobbled courtyard where all the mail coaches would stop..
and original gate posts..

beautiful leaded glass in the Prince Rupert Hotel 
kings have stayed here...
rows of black and white buildings with lovely little individual shops..
think this was my favourite street
lovely Bistros
Chocolate shops too..yum hehe
more passages
this is the oldest privately owned and lived in house in Shrewsbury..complete with it's own ghost
The first hospital..originally a private home until property crashed and the family sold it to become a hospital..same problems as today then! lol
now a shopping centre and private luxury apartments over looking the river Severn
Fish street
and more timber frames
Grope Street
and more narrow streets

and almost back to the starting point
and more beautiful shops

and back to the Original Market Square..
at the back..
you can see why Holywood came to town can't you!
lots of pictures on the link of a Victorian Shrewsbury as seen in the film
I LOVE place l've ever lived and soooooooo glad we moved here 6 months ago

Have a fabulous Friday
Hugs All xx


  1. I remember them doing the filming of A Christmas Carol and even knew several local people who were used as extras....happy memories. Fab photos of a beautiful town. Thanks for sharing Suz.
    A x

  2. What a beautiful and historic town you live in. It's no wonder you love it so!

  3. Thanks suz....sometimes you need to reminded how beautiful shrewsbury is and its on our doorstep, the most important thing......did you see any gousts???

  4. What a fun evening this was? I won't even tell you just how much that converts to in US. Amazingly, over priced... Or we just aren't getting our goodies out there. So, I guess that just means we need to hook-on and keep our fingers crossed. 165.00 really. Crazy.