Monday, 17 July 2017


A pretty Flower motif that has a secondary lacy pattern that appears as you join the squares of the designs i offered to Simply Crochet for their Christmas special they picked my favourite of the 4, the one I thought best for the brief.  
This is one of the other 3 designs.

So I am sharing it as a freebie to say thank you for all the support from all you fabulous hookers out there that follow me here and on my terrific Facebook group

4 Cols. needed each round a different col.
Use any shade of green for the last round and colours, reds, blue or yellows for the first 2 rounds, have fun with colour. 

dk 4mm hook
Aran 5mm hook
US Terms

Finger wrap of 6 wraps
the first holding st, counts as the first sc of the 12

ROUND 1: 12sc into circle wrap, sl st, to complete

ROUND 2:  change col. 2tr in the first st, 1tr, 5ch picot, 1tr in the next st, 2tr in next st, ch5 picot in the next st, 2tr in next st, repeat, to end. 
You should have a 5ch, picot every 3rd st. [8 x5ch picots, 24r]
ROUND 3: att. 3rd col. with a sc, in the top of any middle tr, ch8, sc, into top of next middle tr, repeat to end, sl st to complete. [8 x ch8 loops]

ROUND 4: This is the join as you go round, Complete the first square then add the next square to the first with a sl st, replacement for the 3ch of each picot before completing the picot st, and the 5th ch of the corner loops, join from the front to the back.
att. 4th col. in any ch8 loop, ch2 counts as first dc, 2dc, ch5 picot, 2dc, ch5 picot, 3dc into first ch8 loop, ch9 [corner] *3dc, ch5 picot, 2dc, ch5 picot, 3dc into next 2 ch8 loops, ch9 [corner], repeat from *to end, finish with 3dc, ch5picot, 2dc, ch5 picot, 3dc in last ch8 loop, sl st to complete. [4sides and 4 corners]

 4 sides

4 corners

Join at the picots and ch9 corners to make the secondary lacy pattern

I know one or two find picot stitches a little daunting to do but it really is an easy stitch to do when you one where to put the hook to complete the stitch...
These pictures below are from the Angel Wings Shawl and they are for a chain 3 picot, 
but it shows you where to put the stitch to complete the picot stitch

Enjoy the pattern and i hope you will share any makes 
Have fun all x


  1. Once again, thank you so much. Your work is amazing.

  2. Darling flower. Thank you Sue.

  3. Hello - I'm sorry to post this here but I have tried several ways of getting in touch with you. I love your art.
    last Sunday (9th) I registered for the Pattern 2017 Club and and paid for membership also. I received the link email on Monday morning. I tried to open it on my phone and was told I couldn't because I didn't have java. I then tried to open it on my mac and was told it had already been used! Could you please send me a new link so I can access Patterns 2017?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Try the admins. They usually are a bit quicker

    2. Hi Kathryn, mailed you this morning x

  4. Thank you for both patterns sue , your awesome xx

  5. Thank you for the pattern and tutorial. Ha ha, I love the finger wrap photo, your finger is blue!!

    1. Hi Sticks, hahaha hadn't noticed but it is a little blue isn't it? Only for a second or two though, it wont drop off yet xxx

  6. Stunning. Love this. Thank you so much for pattern.

    1. Thanks Michelle, and you're welcome enjoy xx

  7. This looks beautiful , must try your finger wrap , all new to me , Thank you x

    1. Hi Denise.thanks, finger wrap..means no end to deal with all buried under the first round of crochet sts. xx