Saturday, 8 June 2019

EDWARD'S MENAGERIE...Brilliant books from Kerry Lord

I'm going to be a first time Grandma soon [so excited] and wanted to make some crochet animals for Raspberry 
[when i was told at Christmas it was the size of a Raspberry so my nickname for baby]

I didn't want to spend time designing so went for one of the best crochet animal books around. 

Kerry Lord's TOFT animal books are brilliant.....

Easy to follow you do need lots of stitch makers and to read the pattern first!
I've made 2 Simon Sheep, Bridget the Elephant and Georgina the Hippo in the last 4 days
Cant stop now i've started and each one gets better and better.

Using Aran weight yarns that i have to practise with anything smaller hurts my arthritic fingers a bit but Aran weight gives a lovely size animal 
Simon Sheep mark 2, i didn't read the pattern and in the early hours of the morning accidentally swapped the head for the body so needed to make some adjustments to the head.
Mark 2 all tied up so i can do the loopy woolly coat as instructed but for me,
 it was easier to do this before i stuffed it and joined all the bits together.

Georgina the Hippo...i love 4th animal i made.

Bridget the Elephant was the 3rd animal she's got a twist in her trunk but i actually like that...cute

Loving the book and would highly recommend it to anyone

They look so different depending on where you put the eyes and ears 
 the first sheep i made and a few mistakes but I love him x

thanks to Kerry Lord and TOFT, for some great books

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Splash the colour Light Shade

Just a Little Splash of all started with a natural Linen yarn too!

one more round and its into the PVA Glue bath with both the Linen and the brights Light shade, with the sun shining it might be dry by Monday

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Front Post Texture and Trellis patterns

another new baby blanket pattern to come soon

Border and textured pattern all in one

going to take around 3 maybe 4 balls x 200g of Aran tweed

One x 200g has given be 14" of a blanket 31" wide unblocked, so hoping it will be 600g 

Past Trellis patterns click for post

New FreeForm pattern to come soon
a number of options in this pattern with the flowers too and why it's called FreeForm.

 Hayfield Spirit DK yarn

 Wendy Festival chunky Yarn

Monday, 6 May 2019

Free Form Trellis wrap/cowl

Still doing a huge sort out and came across this 

 Festival FF Trellis wrap 

Remember these from 2015?

I'd forgotten i added some to a FF Trellis wrap, its got popped into the sample box to be discovered at a later date...

Diamond Festival Bunting..didn't know what to do with them really in 2015, another sample, [hundreds in my 20+ sample boxes], part made into a wrap/scarf
I had forgotten all about adding them to a Free Form Trellis wrap also only part made
enough to finish it...came to light because of the FF Trellis wrap in Hayfield Spirit..seem also discontinued..i really do need a sort out don't i?

But its says on Ravelry this Wendy Festival Chunky yarn is  still available but its years old so you might find it a little difficult to find now but such a pretty yarn


Hayfield Spirit FF Trellis wrap with flower trim

Funny how you repeat favourite shapes and patterns, this is the one I started months ago and never completed...same FF Trellis pattern dk no chunky as above and a 48 base chain in stead of a 68 for the find the yarn is out of stock everywhere...nooo!
Although i think you can still get it in chunky...looks like a cowl not a wrap then and i finish the Festival version..lots of that in the stash

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Something Special from my 2017 sample box....

An off shoot from the Spinning Top blanket, was going to be a new cal for Simply Crochet, last year, but arthritis in my hands meant I couldn't commit to the work load....with the sort out that's going on here in the Craft room, I found all the samples I'd made so far.
So sharing the pictures from 2017....a pattern to come 

 aah! you can see how old the pictures are thats Lovely Lettuce's foot in the picture...miss you lots x


An off shoot from the Spinning Top blanket, it was going to be a new Cal for Simply Crochet, last year, but arthritis in my hands meant I couldn't commit to the work load....come to light again with the sort out that's going on here in the Craft room, I found all the samples I'd made so far.