Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Carousel Part 3: PASTELS

The Pastel Carousel I am doing as a stash project and using all the pastels I have to hand in a random mix of all of them.
 Patel Colours: link to part 1 and 2 HERE

The centres you have seen are dominated either by Pink, Lavender or Blue

2:duck egg
4:cloud blue/ substituted silver lost my ball of cloud blue some where?
5:parma violet
9:pale rose 
10:candy floss
16:spring green

 The bands are a random mix of all the pastels

Part 3 Pentagons are again a random mix of all the colours but i am joining them all to the body of the Carousel with Parchment, the joining colour of the banding, and can be added to any one of the 3 centre colours, or you pick you own colours to match the centre panel  

My suggestion would be to make all 16 pastel pentagons to round 5 and then place around your centre to check if the colours are evenly spread and then join them with the parchment in order

NOTE: for some unexplained reason my only ball of cloud blue seems to have disappeared, never to be seen again so I have substituted it with Silver for the remaining Carousel so where you see silver it SHOULD BE CLOUD BLUE if you have the pastel pack


1: spring green, lemon, apricot, camel stone, join with parchment 
2: apricot, stone, sherbet, lavender, parma violet, join with parchment
3: stone, clematis, parma violet, lavender, camel, join with parchment
4: silver, candy floss,spring green, sherbet, duck egg join with parchment
5: cream, parma violet, lavender, silver, join with parchment 
6: candy floss, pale rose, stone, lemon apricot, join with parma violet
7: lemon, spring green, pistachio, stone, candy floss. join with parchment
8: silver, sherbet, camel, candy floss, pistachio, join with parchment  
9: duck egg, wisteria, lavender,parma violet, spring green, join with parchment 
10: lavender, apricot, lemon, pistachio, silver, join with parchment
11: clematis, pistachio, sherbet, spring green, wisteria. join with parchment 
12: wisteria, camel, pale rose, apricot, clematis, join with parchment
13:pale rose, candy floss, cream, clematis, lemon, join with parchment
14: camel, lavender,candy floss, pale rose, cream, join with parchment 
15: sherbet, cream, silver, duck egg, lavender. join with parchment 
16: pistachio, duck egg, clematis, cream, pale rose, join with parchment.
 Please have a go at your own colour combinations, there are so many more that you could use with the pastels, pretty well you could pick any of these colours  to go side by side.

opens at 9.30 4th October 2016

When all your pentagons are completed to round 5 arrange them around your centre and attach with Parchment or your own colour choice if you wish.